Exciting new formulas from Holistic Health Extension

Health Extension Pet Care’s exciting Grain Free line expansion is underway! Take a look, and learn more about these brand new holistic dog food formulas that are guaranteed to please loving pet parents and their pets!

We're also redesigning our Original Line! Take an exclusive sneak peak here!

Grain Free Savory Beef Stew

Grain Free Chunky Chicken Stew

Grain Free Tasty Turkey Stew

Grain Free Buffalo & Whitefish Little Bites

Grain Free Venison & Chickpea Dog Food

Grain Free Salmon, Herring & Chickpea

Grain Free Duck & Chickpea Dog Food

NEW Crispy Gourmet Chicken Tenders

Chicken & Brown Rice Large Bites (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Grain Free Chicken & Duck (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Grain Free Chicken & Salmon (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Grain Free Tuna & Prawns (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Grain Free Chicken & Tuna (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Grain Free Tilapia & Tuna(NOW AVAILABLE!)

Grain Free Chicken & Pumpkin (NOW AVAILABLE!)