Retailer Testimonials

Take a look at what Independent Pet Product Retailers are saying about Health Extension!

"My Health Extension sales have picked up after we stopped selling Pinnacle, and people needed an alternative that was high quality in the similar price range and similar ingredients. Luckily Heath Extension has even better ingredients than Pinnacle, and customers are responding to it well. Many Pinnacle customers were on the food due to food allergies and stomach issues and were worried about switching to a new brand. However, transitions to Health Extension have been very easy and smooth so far. It also helps that I can include a sample with their purchase to try first and the coupon on the sample bag encourages customers to come back for more. The most popular HE here so far is the Salmon flavor, followed by the Duck. Only a few customers like rotating the protein but I am trying to convince them to do so safely. Dogs love the food so far and their bellies are tolerating it very well. I started my own dog on the salmon and her digestion is fine, her coat is glossy and soft, and she loves the food!
Overall, I am very excited to have Health Extension food here!"


Red Bandanna Pet Foods in Georgia
December 2016

"Health Extension is our house brand. All of the recipes feed really well and the ingredients are second to none. Our customers appreciate the reasonable price points for these high quality products.
The level of service and support that Dave and his team provide to Eupawria have really helped us grow our business.I trust HE so much that I have fed my own furry babies the Original recipe For the last 7 years. "

Brett Foreman

December 2016

"I buy your products for my dog and he really loves it. I would totally recommend health extension products to my friends for their pets!"

Dave Ngo

Pet Authority in Florida
December 2016

"We have a lot of customers with tiny dogs, and Health Extension's Little Bites are perfect. They love the tiny kibble and the great ingredients. It's the perfect blend for a small breeds' needs.

We also have many customers who have had positive reactions to the organic ingredients. These customers are health conscious for themselves and their family, so having a choice for their four legged family member is great!

Both dog and cat wet food formulas sale are great, the ingredients and price point really work well for our customers.

Our Health extension rep have been right there with us, helping us learn about the products so we can sale the products. Offering samples and incentives to help us gain new customers.

Health extension foods, treats and cleaning products are great and work well with our clientele."


December 2016

"Laurie Wade is my Representative for Health Extension pet food and has done an excellent job representing herself and Health Extension products in my store. Laurie has a tough job of representing a new product in our market, Health Extension. Laurie had a history with me as someone whose information, follow through and support could be trusted. She believes very strongly in what she sells and provided me and my staff with a wealth of information which made it much easier to get behind her product. I also knew that any commitments Laurie made could be counted on, including future training, demo support and employee feeding programs.

In the time that we have carried Health Extension Laurie has served us well. The brand is growing in our store and our service from Laurie has been exceptional. She visits the store on a regular schedule and has trained our staff on the benefits and selling features of the products we carry. Laurie fixed a distributor error for me and has extended employee feeding to one of my staff who just brought home a new dog.

All-in-all, Laurie has gone over and above our expectations and has given us excellent service...I couldn't ask for more!"


Holistic Pet in Oregon
October 2016

"Just want to thank you and those who help us on the phone. Wishing all of you the best of holidays!

Brian is a pleasurable and a top representative. Our long term with you is great, always providing us with advice.

Since we have been associated with your product, we have pushed people to use your food, we believe in you and Health Extension."


Marine Dog Pet Supplies
December 2016

"The owner's daughter was having issues with her dog including a sensitive stomach. They had just brought in the whole Health Extension line to their new second store. She wanted to try Health Extension because the food she was feeding, Blue Basics, was not working. In just 3 weeks, she has seen a big improvement."

Rositas Pet Store
December 2016

"One of our employees started feeding Health Extension's Buffalo & Whitefish Little Bites to her small dogs. They were very picky with food, and once she tried Health Extension the dogs thrived on it. Since then she has been an ambassador to the food and has helped many customers with issues that they have with their dogs."

Global Pet Food Outlet in California
December 2016

"One of my bulldogs was having serious loose stools, and my vet thought it may be a diabetic issue. I asked my Health Extension rep, Stew, if he had anything to recommend. I wanted to try out a bag of Grain Free Salmon, and was provided with a couple of 1lb bags. The stool issues cleared up! I continue to feed Health Extension's Grain Free Salmon recipe to my dog."


November 2016

"As both a customer and an employee of Arnold Pets, I highly recommend the Health Extension brand to our customers. Their dog food formulas are all high quality and continue to provide amazing results. The price is great and is one of our best sellers!"

Taylor R.

Arnolds Pets & Supplies
October 2016

"I need to apologize for not taking the time to say “Thanks for the quality products and service that has always been provided to me by Health Extension Pet Products.” I have been buying, selling and feeding Health Extension for over 18 years now, and I am completely satisfied. My customers love the products as much as I do, as my sales have been increasing by over ten percent annually year after year. This is NOT an exaggeration or a gimmick!! I would be happy to share my experiences with anyone interested in Health Extension. I have owned and operated 3 different Pet Supply stores in the 18 years, and I consider Health Extension my top, go to brand. I am constantly amazed, and pleased at how our sales keep increasing. I truly believe they offer top notch products, at a competitive price point. "

Bill Deinzer

Hampton Bays Pet Supply

"In our 15,000 square foot store with almost every brand, Health Extension is among the best sellers. It is one of our most recommended foods because it is high quality, fairly priced and not found in the national chains. It is a winner for the customer and our store. "

Rich Covello

Pet Goods
August 2016

"Our store has been in business since 1962. Over the years we have carried many types of food. Then about six years ago we found Health Extension. My dog loved the taste and his coat was in the best condition ever. We recommend this food to our cat and dog customers because of the high quality. They see great results also and now only feed Health Extension. The frequent buyer program is a bonus! "

Barbara T.

Arnolds Pets & Supplies
September 2016

"The Pets Boutique in Manhassett NY has proudly sold Health Extension for the last 17 years. The reason we started selling this brand was due to its great ingredients, and it not having any fillers or by-products in the food. Another reason why we like to sell Health Extension is that it’s a local company who manufactures this brand and they employ people who live in the area creating local jobs which is great for our economy. The owner of the company is very hands on and creates great new products which are sold under the brand name. Everything they produce is high class from food to treats, oils, vitamin supplements and cleaning solutions. Our customers enjoy supporting a local brand and Health Extension is the name brand of our store. "

Maxwell Beretsky

Pets Boutique
September 2016

"There are a ton of healthy options when it comes to pet food today, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a food that feeds as well as Health Extension for the price. It is easy to recommend, and has a very high success rate for us when switching customers from brands they get in bigger box store. Superb ingredient quality and great pricing mixed with an excellent sales staff, whom are very easy to work with, make Health Extension a home run. "

Zach El Chaar