Holistic Health Extension Dog & Puppy Treats

Health Extension puppy and dog treats are highly digestible, and made with all-natural ingredients right here in America. Browse around, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect treat for your best friend!

Bully Puffs (Duck & Yogurt)

Bully Puffs (Chicken & Cheddar)

NEW Crispy Gourmet Chicken Tenders

Bully Puffs (Bacon & Liver)

Bully Puffs (Lamb & Peanut Butter)

Health Extension Bison Bites

Bacon Chips

Health Extension Grain Free Dog Treats

Health Extension Elk Antlers

Fresh Breath Dental Bones

Dental Bones – Carrot Flavor

Dental Bones – Probiotic

Dental Bones – Peanut Butter Flavor

Dental Bones – Cheese Flavor

Dental Bones – Liver Flavor

Health Extension Bone Shaped Treats

Heart Shaped Natural Dog Treats

Nutra Nuggets