Health Extension® dry cat food continues to be the most healthy, convenient, and economically friendly choice for both you and your furry friend. Dry cat food kibble provides both the nutritional needs for your cat and the economical friendly convenience for you. This complete and balanced kibble is hassle-free feeding that can be left out all day for your cat to enjoy grazing and snacking without worrying about spoilage, unlike canned wet cat foods that require refrigeration to maintain freshness. Grain or grain free options are both packed with holistic products and superfoods providing a powerful source of nutrition for your feline friend. The first ingredients are always high-quality meat protein. Health Extension® Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe contains unique ingredients like Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger and Green Tea Extract, all good sources of antioxidants to prevent inflammation and support the immune system. This recipe also contains Sweet Potatoes, a very good source of fiber keeping your cat's digestive system regular and healthy. Health Extension® Turkey & Salmon Recipe contains whole Sweet Potato, Carrots and Cranberries, Pumpkin, Pomegranate, and Raspberries. Simple, healthy, and delicious. All the ingredients for a healthy life for your cat. Ancestry Grain Free Cat Chicken and Fish is a great option with less calories for maintaining healthy weight for those felines prone to weight gain. This product contains Potato, Apple, Cranberries, Spinach and Carrot, all responsibly sourced and for all life stages. Other benefits of choosing a dry kibble food for your cat, include helping keep your cat's teeth and breath clean and healthy, it’s less messy than wet food and won't spoil as quickly. Never worry about choosing a dry kibble cat food that is appropriate for your cat's age! All Health Extension® Products are formulated for All Life Stages, reducing the anxiety of transitioning your cat to the next stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Cat Food

What is the best dry cat food? As a responsible pet owner, it is important to feed your cat only the best dry food. Read labels carefully to make sure they are getting a complete and balanced nutrition with holistic ingredients and if you are unsure, check with your vet to determine what would be right for their specific needs!

How much dry cat food should I feed my cat? Health Extension® has simple guidelines to follow on the back of the package to ensure your kitty gets the recommended nutrition daily. Weight and activity levels are important to identify your feline friends proper feeding levels. If unsure, your vet can provide guidance on nutrition and quantity.

How do I set up Health Extension® Autoship on my dry cat food? Health Extension® makes your life easy with a subscription for the automatic shipment option on our website. You choose the frequency of your shipments and cancel any time. This option is available upon check out.