Large and giant breed dogs are, as their name suggests, dogs that are larger than average. While they may vary in size and appearance, all large and giant breed dogs share some common traits, such as strong builds, powerful jaws, and deep barks. Health Extension® understands that taking care of these giant lovers requires understanding their needs both nutritional and physical. Starting with nutritious Dry Dog food, our bigger buddies, prefer a larger bite for their voracious appetites at mealtime. Holistic Health Extension® Large Bites Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, is specially developed for large and giant breed’s bigger bite requirements. All dry dog foods are made with whole fruits and vegetables and include superfoods like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, natural probiotics, and pure coconut oil for a holistically nutritious meal. Formulated for All Life Stages, Health Extension® dog foods are made without wheat, corn, or soy, and never contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. What dogs do not love Canned Wet food? Our large variety of Wet Food products will tempt any dog to gobble it up! Add wet food to your giant pup's dry food kibble to keep mealtime interesting and delectable. Big dogs need treats and chews to keep them healthy and happy too. You will find a large variety of delicious nutritious treats for your big baby, from dental bones, oven baked cookies and snacks, freeze dried raw toppers and treats. For the healthy chewers, Health Extension® provides long lasting Natural Elk Antlers, Cheek Chews and Yak Cheese Chews. Check out our collection of Dog Toys for exercise, playtime, and bonding with humans! Our exclusive innovative collection of Snugarooz dog toys are a fabulous way to interact with your fur baby. No matter if your pooch loves a good game of tug of war or they prefer to fetch or chew, or just love a plush squeaky toy to guard and "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™" with, or whatever the preference is, your furry friend will love Snugarooz! Health Extension® want to make sure your pup has all the support needed to grow and thrive throughout their lifetime, we have added Vitamins and Supplements to our collections. Developing many supportive Dog Supplements to provide your large or giant breed dog with the added support needed for their special growth needs. Add Lifetime Multi-Vitamins to your pup’s daily diet to provide essential vitamins and minerals for good health for a lifetime. Joint Mobility is a popular choice for those who have the large and giant breeds to prevent issues in their later years. Belly + Immunity Digestive Probiotics for those sensitive tummies and helps maintains optimal digestive health. Also available, are Skin & Coat drops to fortify their shiny coat and help keep the skin healthy and moisturized, and Energy + Stress Relief drops for those nervous pups or those who need an added incentive to eat. Large Breed and Giant Breeds will love being a part of the Heath Extension® family!

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Frequently asked questions about large breed dogs:

What is the best food for my Large/Giant Breed dog? There is no doubt that Large and Giant Breed dogs enjoy a larger kibble size. Fortunately, Health Extension® Large Bites Chicken & Brown Rice is perfect for all life stages of your Large/Giant Breed dog. Don’t forget about large size treats as well! Large size Dental Bones are a great treat that support healthy teeth and gums and keep your dog’s breath clean and fresh.

How to I keep my dog’s Hips and Joints healthy? Joint Mobility is a perfect solution to help support healthy Hips and Joints that are common in large and giant breed dogs.

How do I stop my dog from chewing up the furniture? It's a given that large and giant breed dogs will seek the first thing in their path to chew on, including furniture! Not to worry, Health Extension® developed products to help train your precious pup to stick with the Natural Chew you provide and leave the furniture alone. Problem Chewers is 100% natural and not only simple to use, but it works!