Medium Breed dogs are the perfect compromise between large breed and small breed canines. Medium breeds require regular exercise, balanced nutrition, plenty of treats, and fun interactive toys keep their mind active too! You will find everything you need for you medium breed furry friend right here at Health Extension®. Starting with healthy nutritious Dry Dog food and Canned Wet food products made for all life stages. Choose between wholesome grain products like Holistic Health Extension® Original Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe or Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe. For those who prefer a grain free product, you will find a variety of popular recipes that include, Buffalo & Whitefish, Salmon, Chicken & Turkey, and Duck recipes. All Health Extension® Dry Dog foods are made with whole fruits and vegetables and include superfoods like turmeric, organic apple cider vinegar, natural probiotics, and pure coconut oil for a holistically nutritious meal. Some medium breed dogs can be fussy eaters, so we created Freeze-Dried Raw meal toppers to entice their pallets. Rewarding your pup is good fun with wide variety of Health Extension® Treats that include, Training Treats, Dental Treats, Oven Baked Treats and more! Sometimes your fur baby just needs a long-lasting Chew Treat to keep them busy while preparing dinner. Playtime! You are in luck with Snugarooz interactive toy collection to "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.TM" with. Select from plush and squeaky, tug-a-war pull ropes, spikey fetch balls, and more. All in the perfect size for your medium breed diverse needs. Get all the benefits of probiotics packed into your pup’s Spa Care needs. That’s right! Ari Probiotic Shampoo and Conditioner are fortified with probiotics to gently clean and moisturize your furry friend’s skin and leave their coat smooth and shiny. Now you can have fun and enjoy your medium breed companion knowing you have everything you need to care for them keeping them healthy and happy for their lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the best food for my medium breed dog? Health Extension® has a wide variety of healthy, nutritious dry food and wet food products, perfect to suit the individual needs of your medium breed pup. From wholesome Grains to Grain-Free options, your furry friend will thrive on our GMO free, Holistic dog foods.                                                What are the best treats for my medium breed dogs dental care? Our Dental Treats are specifically designed to address the needs of your pup’s dental hygiene needs. Formulated with probiotics, kelp and parsley for fresh breath, these treats are all natural and vegetarian developed.                                                                                                  What shampoo should I use to prevent my dog from getting fleas and ticks? Ari Probiotic Flea & Tick Shampoo is an innovative option for those who live in areas that are prone with fleas and ticks. ARI is PH balanced all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable without all the dangerous chemicals. The added probiotics help reduce itching and inflammation, and the tea tree oil and lemongrass naturally repel the pesky fleas and ticks.