Tiny but mighty! Small breed dogs can be considered as teacup, toy, or miniature breeds. They are often thought of as lap dogs but there is much more to these pint-sized pups than meets the eye. While they are content cuddlers, they are also very intelligent and remarkably athletic. To keep these fur baby’s strong and healthy, the best dry dog foods for small breed dogs are ones with smaller, bite-sized pieces and are nutritionally formulated for the needs of smaller breeds. Health Extension® created the Little Bites Recipes that your little pup will love. Little Bites Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe is sure to hit the mark for those little ones that like a product with wholesome brown rice and organically raised chicken as the first ingredient. For those pups that prefer a grain free product Health Extension® Grain Free Chicken & Turkey Little Bites Recipe, is a great option made with whole vegetables and berries and cutting edge superfoods like turmeric, apple cider vinegar and natural probiotics. Other flavors include, Chicken & Turkey, Salmon, and Venison all products contain high quality protein as the first ingredient, are complete and balance and provide your little one with all the nutrition needed for a long, healthy and happy life. Small Breed dogs need treats too! Health Extension® Crunchy Heart Shaped Treats with Chicken or Buffalo flavored cookies are an exceptionally healthy sweet heart shaped, small treats that are perfect for your little buddy’s reward and training needs and GMO Free! Support your small breed pup with Dog Supplements. Tiny breeds often have digestive issues, Belly + Immunity Digestive Probiotics contains five strains of enzymes to help sensitive bellies breakdown and easily absorb nutrients. Just a scoop a day in their meal and you are done. They love the taste, and you will love the quality of their stools! Keep itchy skin at bay with Skin + Coat Primrose Oil drops. Simply add a few drops to their meal and see how silky your dog’s coat becomes. As with everything, Health Extension® always recommends that you consult with a vet before adding any supplements or changing their diet. Small breed dogs love plush squeaky toys to play with! Snugarooz are perfect for interactive fun with your pooch. With toys that squeak or crinkle, you are sure to find the perfect entertainment friend for your loved one!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Small Breed Dogs

What is the best food for my small breed dog? Health Extension® Little Bites Recipes are specifically designed for your small breed pup. Try Little Bites Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe or the Health Extension® Grain Free Chicken & Turkey Little Bites Recipe and Little Cups Turkey & Chicken for Small Breed.
Do you have treats for my teacup pup? If your little one enjoys a crunchy treat, good for dental health, try Health Extension® Crunchy Heart Shaped Treats with Chicken or Buffalo. Freeze Dried Raw for Dogs treats are smaller and very tasty for rewarding and training you small fur baby.
Are Snugarooz safe for my miniature doggie? Snugarooz come in smaller sizes for your miniturature pup, and all toys are inspected for safety to ensure you doggie has a "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™" playtime experience!