Health Extension® wet food is a wonderful way to give your pet the nutrition they need while also providing them with a delicious and satisfying meal. Our wet food is made with high-quality protein as the first ingredient and is supplemented with wholesome ingredients like sweet potatoes and carrots. Wet food is also a great option for pets who are fussy eaters or have food allergies, as it is a limited ingredient diet. Holistic Health Extension® canned wet dog food offers grain inclusive and grain free options, as well as a variety of different flavors to keep your pup's mealtime exciting. With easy digestibility and a high moisture content, wet dog food is an ideal option for keeping your pup hydrated and healthy. Little Cups Turkey & Chicken for Small Breed dogs are the perfect individual cups servings for smaller dogs. Our special canned supplemental toppers are a great addition to add to dry dog food kibble, for a delicious satisfying meal with 95% meat protein. Ancestry Pet Food also carries a fitting selection of wet dog foods that your canine will enjoy. Cats love the taste of our all-natural healthy canned wet cat food. We make it with only high-quality whole food ingredients so your cat can enjoy a meal with satisfying broth, gravy, or savory sauce, which is both nutritious and delicious. All of our wet foods are made in the USA and are available in a variety of flavors to suit your pet's taste.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wet Food:

Can I mix wet canned food with the dry food kibble? Yes. Mixing wet canned food with dry dog food food can enhance their diet with the tasty flavor while providing the added moisture that they need and the chewing action that helps with dental care, and is more economical.

How long does wet food last in the bowl? It is recommended that wet food be put away if not eaten within a few hours.

How long does wet food last after can has been opened? If properly stored cans can last up to 3 days in a separate sealed container.