I’m not familiar with Health Extension and my customers haven’t asked about this brand?
We are a NY based family owned and operated 3rd generation business that has never experienced a recall. We only support independent retailers and we firmly stand behind our mission statement: “Our family is dedicated to providing independent pet store owners a brand they can be proud to sell as their own. We offer a vast point of difference with super premium holistic products that support price, quality and value proposition through a healthy pricing strategy.”
What makes Health Extension stand out from other brands?
Our food products are formulated to provide our customers with what they truly want. All formulas provide unsurpassed palatability, performance and good stool quality. We achieve this by using cutting edge ingredients including organic apple cider vinegar, primrose oil, blue green algae and our first ingredient is always fresh meat. Our unique manufacturing process permits us to add these difference making ingredients after the cooking process to ensure maximum therapeutic levels. Our packaging is user friendly and easy to read. Retailers can expect margins averaging 30-40% on dry & canned food and 50-60% on treats, supplements & grooming products. They can reach up to 100% on our stain and odor remover & training aides.

Space is an issue here in my store and I’m not sure taking on a new brand is in my budget?
In today’s ever changing market place & competitive environment, it is necessary to be aware of how the brands & items in your store are performing & what margin/dollar contributions they are making to your bottom line. How often do you look at the movement of the items in your store? SKU rationalization- Are the items making you money? Is it a brand you can call a house brand that you can depend on to compete with big box? Health Extension has many offerings that will encompass all or parts of our line cost effectively. In the event that our offers do not work for you, we can work together to customize an open stock ISO to suit your needs.
What if we encounter SKUs that aren’t selling?
All Health Extension product come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event that the line is not performing to your expectations, we will allow you to return those items and issue you a credit. We are committed to our partnership with the independent retailer. We want to be sure we remain friends. All we require is a 90 day commitment to give us the opportunity to prove our value.

If I do decide to bring in Health Extension, how SKU intensive is the brand and how much space will I need?
Health Extension is not a SKU intensive brand. A 4ft power set holding our best sellers will provide you with a profitable area.

How will you support the line and what promotions do you offer?
When we commit to a retail partnership, we offer staff training, demos, sample opportunities, POP material and frequent buyer programs. We will also participate in store or community events when given the opportunity. Account managers are available to answer any and all retail or consumer questions. Along with our aggressive ISO’s, we offer monthly promos that are always available in the Phillips book to support your needs. We also have the ability to customize promotions to fit your needs…Always a lucrative program to take advantage of.

How does Health Extension stand with Big Box and Ecommerce?
We are committed to our partnership with the independent retailer. We do not sell to Petco, Petsmart, Tractor Supply or any other big box stores. We protect our brick & mortar partners by aggressively monitoring pricing offered on ecommerce sites with our strict MAP Policy. We take our responsibility of protecting your margins very seriously.