Made in the USA

All stage formulas

Entire line: NO – Soy, Wheat, Corn, Gluten, Preservative, Artificial Coloring/Flavoring and Animal By-products.

Vitamin pack sprayed on after food is cooked. WHY? To ensure enzymes aren’t de-natured (good stuff gets killed off)

We DO NOT ingredient split!!! When looking at back of bag to compare Health Extension to another line; if something comes up more than once in the first (10) ingredients, it has a heavier pre-cooking weight.

Formulated to meet the stringent nutritional levels of the AAFCO Dog Food Nutritional program.


*Dry Food*

First ingredient – fresh meat.

Non Chicken formulas are 100% Chicken FREE! No chicken fat used!

Cat formulas are triangle/star shaped

Dog average of dime circumference. Little Bites – shaped like coy fish food or mini M&M’s


*Canned Food* All Small cans are BPA Free


Cat cans are all complete meals

5.5oz canned formulas – pate.

2.8 oz canned formulas – pate except for recipes with tuna.


Dog cans- if it does not say entrée it is supplemental feeding only

All pate unless listed as otherwise – all available in 5.5oz & 13.2oz

Grain Free Dog Stews – available in 13.2oz.



SM/LG Hearts, Bones – similar in appearance to food bags- are biscuit like treat – compliments food. Great for training & sensitive stomachs.

Dehydrated/Freeze Dried Includes Puffs, Bites & Nuggets – all extremely limited ingredient. Great for picky eaters or dogs with allergies.

Bacon Chips– they look like a burnt bag of potato chips. They can be broken into tiny pieces for training, used as a food topper or given as is.

Crispy Gourmet Chicken Tenders– Dehydrated chicken breast




Dental Bones Key Points

Sourced & Made in USA

Rawhide Free

100% Digestible

No preservatives

No Artificial Colors or Flavors

Safe for ALL ages



  • COCONUT OIL Improves dog’s skin and coat, digestion, immune system and metabolic function
  • GINGER & GREEN TEADigestion, settles an upset stomach, osteoarthritis and cancer
  • SUNFLOWER OIL – Keeps the coat shiny and smooth, relieves itching, high in omego 6 fatty acids.
  • WHOLE BLUBERRIES & CRANBERRIES Acts as an antibacterial
  • CHICORYPart of the pre/probiotics supplements
  • ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR—Boosts the immune system/balances PH levels
  • COLOSTRUMProvides compounds that benefit the immune system and stimulate growth and repair function

PRE/PRO BIOTICS—Overpower bad microorganisms and pathogens while aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption


  • Our food does great for hair balls & UTI/kidney issues. Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria throughout urinary tract and helps dissolve kidney and bladder crystals.  Cranberry reduces bacteria’s ability to adhere to UT.   Salmon & Coconut oil reduces shedding – ultimately reducing the amount of hair in hairballs. Probiotic bacteria aides in digestion & breaking down hairballs helping them to pass.
  • Longevity Drops – since they contain the ACV in a more concentrated form – reduces the amount of bacteria the body produces causing red eye stains.
  • Skin & Coat Oil – Omega’s & DHA from fish oil is actually used for spinal development and organ support. Required for development and growth. Aides in functions of all major organs. Biggest organ in body is SKIN. What this product does for shedding & nice skin & coat is a positive side effect.
  • Vitamins given at night (with a treat) are more likely to be absorbed into the system. Body has expelled all non-absorbed vitamins/minerals at this point. Metabolism slows down allowing system to better utilize vitamin. (Ex: compare body to sponge. Eating saturates the sponge – If you keep pouring water on a wet sponge it leaks right out. If you allow it to sit and dry up and add more water later it will then absorb)



Why do we use Garlic? It’s related to Onions which are toxic.

While garlic and onion are part of the same family, they are not identical and do not have the same effect on the body. (Ex: siblings are in the same family, but not identical) Cooked garlic is extremely healthy in trace amounts. It is used as a natural preservative and helps aide in heart health and cholesterol reduction. Garlic also contains antifungal, bacterial and viral properties. When added topically to food, it will serve as a flea/tick repellant. Garlic does not build in the red blood cells on toxic levels – reason being – red blood cells often die off and replenish themselves so any build up is being disposed of with dying cells. ½ of clove per 10lbs of body weight is healthy for daily consumption.


Has Health Extension ever experienced a recall?

No! We have be lucky enough to prevent them. Our check point system is second to none. We maintain smaller batch sizes to closely monitor quality control. All items are tested prior to entering our plant, again before the process are started for cooking and finally after the food is completed.


Does everything come from the U.S.?

All available items are sourced locally. When not available, we only outsource to countries certified by the European Union. NOTHING is ever from China.  


If the food is so healthy and complete, why do I need supplements?  

Generally speaking, most pets and humans cannot consume the amount of nutrition they need to run at an optimal level by eating alone. Soil nutrients has depleted resulting in vegetation decreasing in nutrients as well as the livestock eating it. External or environmental factors also take part. Toxins in the air and water create a higher need for specific nutrition. In addition, many breeds have been created for color, traits performance etc. by doing so, more genetic and congenital issues have been created or pronounced. (Ex: liver shunts, cardiovascular disease, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, skin issues) Therapeutic support is often needed to decrease the chance of congenital issues arising or minimize the negative effects on the body.


Health Extension seems to be offering a little bit of everything, foods, treats, grooming & health, supplements. With all of these irons in the fire, aren’t we afraid we will lose focus to quality of our food and treats?? 

Health Extension prides itself on our high quality of standards for all of our products. We batch things small and keep a close watch on all selected items before putting them on the market. That being said; we have found that consumers become comfortable with brands that they feel they trust. By providing complimentary treats and supplements to our food and other pet care related items, we create brand loyalty, allow the customer to trust that the product selected will meet their level of satisfaction based on what company it has come from. (Ex: Mac products are commonly known for iPad, iPhone and laptops. They are not locked to one specific electronic. They are a trusted name for several related items)




What does the word Holistic mean?

Characterized by the treatment of the whole animal, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease. With all the items we have available, we like to treat the whole package. That is why we are called Holistic Health Extension Pet Care. From health and illness prevention to training, behavior, praise and grooming; All to create the best life possible.



Do we have a DVM with a nutritional degree on staff or involved with formulating our products?

Yes. We have a consulting team including a Dr. who specializes in the nutritional formulations for both the feline and canine species.