What sets our products apart

Health Extension is a family owned company

Family owned company

Every single day, we do everything we can to bring our customers a combination of quality, nutrition and value that’s unsurpassed. That’s a commitment we’ve kept for three generations – and counting.

Health Extension food is made in small batches

Created in small batches

We have more control over the way our recipes and treats are prepared. A small batch and slow cook results in a safer, more nutritious and highly digestible meal.

Picky Eaters will love the taste Guaranteed

Picky eaters love the taste

We’ve won every taste test out there! Try for yourself. We’re so confident we’ll offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Health Extension has never had a food product recall

Never had a product recall

Thanks to our quality ingredient selection and food safety programs with over 140 checkpoints, we are proud to have never had a recall.

Health Extension has thoughtfully selected whole food ingredients.

Thoughtfully selected Whole Food ingredients

Our recipes start with USDA inspected fresh meats. We then add handpicked non-GMO fruits and veggies like carrots and blueberries that are responsibly sourced. From there we add beneficial ingredients like Coconut Oil to enhance whole body health.

A made in the USA product

Made in the USA

Rest assured you’re feeding your pet the highest quality, safest recipes on the market. What’s more? We’ve never sourced any ingredient from China and we never will!