New Puppy Feeding Facts and Advice

If so, we’re guessing that you have your hands pretty full right now to say the least!

At Health Extension Pet Care, we’re not only here to provide you and your puppy with holistic dog food formulas of the highest quality; we’re also here to provide pet parents like yourself with the facts and advice needed to give your new best friend the long, happy life that all pets deserve to live. Read on to learn some valuable information that may help reduce the stress and increase the bond that comes naturally when raising a healthy puppy.

When providing a puppy with a new home, it is important to find out what the pup was being fed prior to moving in with you. Switching your puppy’s food abruptly can lead to easily avoidable health issues. Although they may not necessarily be serious issues, imagine a newborn baby dealing with a similar ailment. Now take a moment to realize that your puppy is just as vulnerable and should be given the same love and care.

Be aware of the feeding schedule your puppy was on previously on and try to maintain a similar one. Once your puppy begins to noticeably adjust to the change in environment, you may choose to keep a similar feeding schedule or gradually change it to best suit the puppy’s needs.

It’s possible that your puppy was raised on food that seems to be causing adverse effects, or that you simply don’t like what was being provided to the puppy. If this is the case, there are safe ways to successfully transition the puppy to the new dog food of choice.

The following five day process provided by PetMD usually leads to positive results:

Day 1 – Mix 20% of the new food with 80% of the old.

Day 2 – Mix 40% of the new food with 60% of the old.

Day 3 – Mix 60% of the new food with 40% of the old.

Day 4 – Mix 80% of the new food with 20% of the old.

Day 5 – Feed 100% of the new food.

Allergies or other noticeable health ailments are some of the only reasons that would necessitate making the transition more abruptly, however please contact a licensed and trusted veterinarian before doing so.

At Health Extension we are so proud of our holistic dog food formulas that we confidently guarantee the quality of each and every bag!