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Grain-Free Options Abound

Oct. 18, 2017, 4:42 p.m.
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The grain-free movement has shifted from a health food fad to an expectation among many dog owners. While the origin of the grain-free trend among human health started with a combination of celebrity fad diets and an awareness of gluten sensitivity, the grain-free trend in pet food trickled down from there and gained momentum with the pet food scares of 2007.
According to Brian Alt, manager of Concord Pet Food & Supplies in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the grainfree category is more popular than ever. That demand has led his store to carry more grain-free products than anything else.
“It’s not like people come in and ask for grain-free food,” he explained. “Now it’s kind of odd when somebody doesn’t buy it. We get a lot more people switching over to raw foods, freeze-dried, frozen, dehydrated—and they’re all grainfree.”

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