“Our pup, Tuck, loves his Health Extension Little Bites! He is a very active cockapoo and needs energy to keep up in the Big Apple. He’s excited to have Health Extension at every meal, and never leaves a drop behind.”

April 26, 2017

“Our boy Zander is 3 years old, and we’ve had him since he was 7 weeks old. From day 1 he has had allergy issues, and we tried every food out there to help him. When I came across Holistic Health Extension 2 weeks ago (when our local pet supply store started carrying it) I decided to try it. WHAT A HUGE CHANGE! No more dandruff, no more stinky dog, and his fur is growing back where he was scratching so much. I have been able to eliminate his allergy meds as well. Thank you so much for a fantastic product! Zander is truly a different pup!”

Kelly M.
Doylestown, PA
March 19, 2017

“Bridget has been having a lot of good days on her new food Health Extension. She’s had more energy and hasn’t needed her arthritis supplements. Health Extension is family owned in NY since 1963 and has ingredients like coconut oil & turmeric.”

Jacqueline Yedgar
Beverly Hills, CA
February 21, 2017

“Our dog Kayla loves your Bully Puff dog treats! She likes to play with the Bully Puff a little first, then gobbles it up. She is already a fan of Health Extension Little Bites. When I empty a new bag in her dog food bin she sticks her whole face in and eats it right out of the bin! Our breeder, Cyndi Meyers of Clingmey Keeshonden, has been a long-time user of Health Extension. She gives bags of it out with each puppy, That’s how we learned about this fantastic brand. Kayla is just a puppy, so we’ll continue to be a Health Extension customer as long as your company keeps producing quality pet products!”

Anngalee B.
Shamokin, PA
February 5, 2017

“I adopted Molly, a spunky terrier mix, unexpectedly in Aug. 2015 from a neighbor who was ill and had to relocate. Desperate to find her a new home and with no luck, a U-Haul truck waited by the curb and Molly was minutes away from being returned to the shelter that saved her gentle soul from life as a bait dog. You see, Molly is truly heaven sent! That day, my son called me from the neighbor’s porch asking if we could take her. One hour later, we walked away with a new family member, a bag of food and her favorite toy. One day later, I would say my final goodbye to my brother who passed away suddenly that week. Molly rescued us and I made a promise to take great care of her and give her the best of everything – including her food. All she’s ever known in my home is Health Extension, Little Bites and wet food. Duck and salmon are her favorite! At 6 years old, her coat shines brightly and she’s stronger than ever! ”

Allyson P.
Long Island, NY
January 31, 2017

“Our Chow Chow, Carter, and our two Newfoundland girls are doing great on your Grain Free Buffalo & Whitefish recipe! They also LOVE your Bison Bites dog treats. Thanks so much to everyone at Health Extension. Most of all for recognizing that our furkids are truly our family and not just pets. ”

Nick, Susy, Chumley, Leia & Carter
Wilton, CT
January 1, 2017

“TanJam is a six month old Chocolate Labrador Retriever that will only eat Health Extension products from the day we brought him home. I must say that Health Extension has made TanJam’s coat like silk and he has regular healthy stools. Your product is well worth the price because TanJam is a very healthy dog. We plan to feed TanJam Health Extension his entire life.”

Tanya and James
Bridgewater, New Jersey
November 26, 2016

“Thumbelina was born with Hydrocephalus, and Health Extension’s formulas have been the only dog foods she can hold down. She is now a thriving, energetic puppy, and has been doing amazing on your food and products. Thumbelina also has low blood sugar, and Health Extension’s Longevity Drops have saved her numerous times in the middle of the night. Thank you for your products!”

Sandy S.
Bronx, NY
November 2, 2016

“Haley, my adorable Long-Haired Piebald Dachshund, came into the world December 19, 2015! She was born to an army nurse in Homestead, Florida. We adopted her at 8 weeks, 1.1 lbs. and hand fed her. Haley has been a furball of pure love since day one, and adopted me like no other baby on earth could. She keeps me company during chemotherapy and physical therapy, and never cries or complains. In fact, she is picked up and loved by patients and nurses alike! Health Extension Little Bites have been the only dog food she can keep down. It’s tiny, so it’s easy for her to eat, and no more vomiting. She’s 4 lbs now and 5 months young this May! Thank you!!!! You’re helping take care of the angel on earth who takes care of me.”

Pembroke Pines, FL
May 23, 2016

“September 9, 2016 was my dog Kryptonite’s 11th birthday !!! He is strong, full of energy and I owe it all to Health Extension dog food. We love your product and we feel like we found the fountain of youth!! We made the switch from one of those commercial brands about 5 years ago because we wanted something more healthy for my best friend. My local pet store owner introduced me to Health Extension and we have never looked back. My dog is so active and happy, he does not get sick, and has no health problems at all. We often take him swimming in upstate NY and he can be seen running around the dog parks of NYC with a camera strapped to his back.”

Robert S.
Fleetwood, NY
September 22, 2016

“Jax truly loves Health Extension! He’s been on it since he was just 2 months old. I’m a proud pet parent, and so happy with Health Extension. It’s truly amazing! His coat is beautiful, shiny, and he is healthy as ever. Thank you!”

Andrea B.
Far Rockaway, NY
October 20, 2016

“We have three dogs, Dixie and Brisco are Anatolian Shepherds and Rocco is our Great Dane. The Anatolians had always shed like crazy. It’s something they are known for. Brisco also had occasional digestive issues and we’ve always used top-tier foods for our pets. About 4 months ago we switched to you grain free line. They love the larger sized kibble and the taste. Brisco has had NO digestive issues and their coats look absolutely fantastic. Full, thick coats and they barely shed anymore. When we used to pet them, we would always get a handful of fur. Now, literally nothing. The Great Dane is black and was a rescue. He quickly added lean muscle within weeks, and his coat has such a lovely shine to it. We’ve had Anatolians and Danes before these and tried numerous “top tier” foods and supplements, and never had results like these. Whatever you do, keep doing it! We are thrilled with the results, and our dogs are thrilled with your food!”

Michael F.
Peyton, CO
April 4, 2017

“When we rescued our little Supergirl, she had not had an easy life and suffered horribly with gastrointestinal problems on all the previous “high quality” foods we tried, requiring fluids and medications, and repeated hospitalizations for medical tests to rule out possible other causes. When no health issues or diseases were discovered we knew it had to be food intolerances. With the help of our Vet and much research we finally found Health Extension Lamb Entrée about a year ago. Since then my precious little Yorkie has become bouncy, joyful, and much healthier. She is excited at mealtime now and can’t wait to enjoy her food. It is positively amazing seeing the difference the right food can make. Over this past year I have talked to several different people at Health Extension, first before we started the Lamb Entrée, and with questions after. Everyone is so knowledgeable about their process and the quality of foods used. We always share our experience with friends and others we meet so that they too may find Health Extension to be the answer to better health for their fur babies. Thank all of you at Health Extension, from us and our beloved Supergirl!”

Wilmington, NC
February 27, 2017

“I have to tell you some of my success stories using Holistic Health Extension’s Grain Free Buffalo & Whitefish dry dog food recipe. After changing 7 different dogs food to this recipe, it has stopped their sensitive stomach (vomiting), ear infections, skin issues, scratching & chewing on themselves, hair loss, and loss of appetite. Each dog had one of these symptoms that disappeared with in a month after feeding them the Grain Free Buffalo & Whitefish dry food! I am “ecstatic”, my people are “very happy”, and the best part is the dogs are thankful!!! I haven’t said anything to you sooner because I wanted to make sure it was the food that helped not the change of the seasons or environment. It was just a year ago that I bought it for 2 of my personally owned dogs….. ‘No’ more yeasty ears, or sensitive stomach. I just want to say “Thank You” to all of the “Holistic Health Extension Family” for making a high quality food for our best friends!”

February 4, 2017

“My Dachshund’s, Sasha, health has greatly improved ever since I changed her diet to Health Extension Chicken Lite. She is more energetic & her hair is so soft & luxurious. Sasha loves it for the taste & since there are no by-products in Health Extension, I can be rest assured her daily nutritional needs are being met. And I love that it is made in U.S.A. and endorsed by the American Canine Association.”

Joni Z.
Rutledge, GA
September 15, 2016

“When we got our shepherd Jaxx as a new pup he had skin issues. Constant scratching, itchy ears etc.. After many vet visits and all kinds of allergic meds and steroids, which we hated giving him, I met the owner of one of Jaxxy’s litter mates on Facebook. She fed her dog your lamb and rice and swore by it. So I gave it a try. Wow! He immediately improved! Chicken seemed to be the culprit. I will never use any other food. He is almost 3 and is thriving! Beautiful coat, bright eyes, sharp mind and plenty of energy. Thank you for your great products.”

Binghamton, NY
January 14, 2016

“Our two Miniature Pinschers, Squirt & Penny, are thriving on the Allergix chickpea formula! My husband and I have noticed a difference in their energy, stool, coat, teeth, and just about everything else. Almost every other food we have given them has made them lethargic and bloated. Health Extension provides quality nutrition at an affordable price. We are very impressed with this brand, and will continue using their products. One of the best on the market! Follow Squirt & Penny on IG @squirtandpenny_theminpins :)”

Jillian Fernandez
Pace, FL
June 19, 2015

“As the proud owner, exhibitor and breeder of miniature schnauzers, I’m always on the look out for great food for my dogs. I like the Grain Free foods but almost all of them on the market today have too much protein and fat for miniature schnauzers. But then I found your Allergix at my local pet store. I really liked the ingredients and nutrition facts of your Allergix (Grain Free) Buffalo and Whitefish. At 25% protein and 15% fat, that is just fine for my breed. Buffalo and Whitefish is the perfect “surf and turf” meal for my 4 dogs! They are all thriving on it and I’m very happy I found it! Keep up the great work!”

Endicott, NY
June 15, 2015

“I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. We adopted a rescue (appx 9 years old frenchie) and when we got her she was out of shape and had no interest in food, plus she had a ton of allergies (chicken and beef to name a few). Our local pet store recommended your product to us, and we have been feeding her with it for about 4 months (of the 6 that we’ve had her). She not only looks amazing, she has lost her fat and gained healthy weight and muscle. Plus she has energy now! People stop me all the time and ask me if she is a puppy with the way she bounds around. She has an appetite, loves food now and enjoys eating her Allergix Grain Free kibble! I just wanted to say thank you because I believe many of these amazing things can be attributed to your great product.”

Persia T

May 22, 2015

“Our pup, Tuck, loves his Health Extension Little Bites! He is a very active toy aussie and needs energy to keep up in the Big Apple. He’s excited to have Health Extension at every meal, and never leaves a drop behind. Everyone tells us his fur is very soft, and I feel Health Extension plays a huge role in this! You can follow Tuck’s adventures on Instagram @tuckerthetoyaussie”

Maggie (& Tuck!)
New York, NY
February 19, 2015

“My dogs just love Health Extension’s new Grain Free Dry Dog Food! No plans to go back to what we previously were feeding them. Thank you!”

Villas, NJ
January 16, 2017

“My husband and I have a 14 month old Miniature Australian Shepherd named Oscar. Oscar came to my husband as a gift from our daughter, who wanted to thank him for moving her to and from college for 4 years. As it turns out, we were as much of a gift to Oscar as he was to us. After looking at his papers, we found out that he was from a puppy mill and was very, very sick with an aggressive protozoan parasite called Giardia. Oscar had a terrible strain that had to be treated aggressively for over 10 months and it was so heart wrenching at times to watch him struggle. Because of this terrible protozoa, Oscar had such a hard time eating, as everything seemed to give him terrible diarrhea and we could tell he didn’t feel good most of the time. We were so blessed to speak with Dominique at Health Extension, who never got tired of my frequent phone calls asking about what to feed our little Oscar and help him get healthy, despite his difficult symptoms. Dominique did a lot of research on the Health Extension products and came up with a plan that worked just beautifully for him. Health Extension products are very healthy and there are so many different choices. Oscar finally started acting like a little puppy should! We will always appreciate Dominique’s kindness in working with us for all those months and we are so grateful for all she did to help our precious little Oscar. We truly feel like part of the Health Extension Pet Care Family!”

Angela Baas

December 14, 2014

“Highly recommend this food for your dogs! Our Cavapoo/Cavoodle had problems with almost every food we tried. Finally, after speaking to holistic dog owners we found Health Extension! Rex is healthy and happy! Most important he loves the food and all natural dog treats! Thank you, Health Extension!”

Vanessa R
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

“We have a German Shepherd who has quite a dense coat. Since we live in Florida, we have a constant shedding problem. My brother told us about a local pet store that carries the Health Extension Skin & Coat Conditioner. We added it to his food once a day and within 2 weeks we saw a difference. Well, now it has been over a year and we cannot believe the difference in his shedding. It is minimal compared to the “tumble weeds” we had before. Thank you Health Extension.”

Cheryl Wheeler
Ft. Pierce, FL

“I had a small neighborhood dog grooming practice until I discovered the Health Extension shampoos and conditioners. This was the real launching time. Everyday I use Health Extension Protein, Black Coat, Oatmeal, Whitener shampoos and Crème Rinse; for special customers I add the Vets Choice Matt Out. Certain combinations are amazing. For example, the whitener shampoo with the crème rinse gives an unbelievably fluffed texture on Poodles or any long coated breeds. Under Veterinarian supervision, several medicated shampoos I was using were replaced by Health Extension Oatmeal. The neighborhood Vets have been raving about the products. Thank you Health Extension for helping me make a success with your wonderful products.”

Edmee Froment – Dog Wear Daily
New York, NY

“I am the owner of a 9-year-old Labrador who has begun showing signs of arthritis. About 6 months ago, my mom mentioned a product called Health Extension Antioxidant & Glucosamine Powder. She had used it on her dachshund with back problems. We started using the product, and within 4 months we noticed a marked difference in her actions. She plays ball again and moves around with much more ease. I would strongly recommend it to anyone whose dog has some arthritic symptoms. Thank you!”

Dennis Ahrens
Browns Mills, NJ

“I’ve always been into high quality foods but on a budget because I work part time and am in college. I’ve been extremely happy with my dogs’ results on Health Extension dog food. Great energy, great stools and they absolutely love it! I have a pit bull terrier & german shepherd mix currently on Allergix, may be switching to the Salmon Grain free soon to give it a try though! Thank you for providing our pets with great food.”

Queens, NY

“I felt compelled to write you regarding your product Eliminate. I purchased this at my local pet shop and it is absolutely amazing! We have an old carpet that has been washed several times with disappointing results. The store owner suggested we try Eliminate on the rug. Well, we were amazed at how well the carpet cleaned up and how fresh it smelled. Needless to say Eliminate, is now a staple item in my cleaning closet. Thank you for such a great product!”

Jeanne Smith
Huntingdon Valley, PA

“WOW!! That is all I can say about your Matt Out. Being a professional groomer is not easy when you have a large, matted dog like a Collie. I followed the directions on your Matt Out and I could not believe how quickly the mats came out and how easy the grooming was. I know this product is intended to prevent mats from forming, but it works just as well for getting them out. Thank you for a great product!”

BeBe Khan
Dix Hills, NY

“On a road trip to New York my sister noticed how much my Golden Retriever had very dry skin and a coarse coat. She informed me of your product – Health Extension Skin & Coat conditioner. She said it treats the skin & coat internally and even cuts down on shedding. Well, I tried the product and I am now a faithful customer. It really works! My dog’s coat looks so healthy and shiny. Thank you so much for this product!”

Carole Thorne
Hartwell, GA

“I purchased a bottle of your Dirty Dog shampoo at my local pet store. It was so heavily concentrated! It does a beautiful job and smells magnificent. Thank you so much!”

Billy Stutz,
Hartford, CT

“I started my puppy on Health Extension Lifetime Vitamins when I first bought him. He absolutely loved them and it felt great knowing a one-a-day vitamin was giving my new puppy all the vitamins and minerals he needed to grow big and strong. Thanks for a great product.”

Virginia Walters
Hendersonville, NC

“We love our new puppy, but not the chewing. Vets Choice Holistic Health Extension Problem Chewers saved our furniture! Spraying a little bit goes a long way. Thanks! ”

Monique Johnsen
Boston, MA

“I like having a clean dog just as much as anyone, but bathing my 90-pound Mastiff can be tough. It’s nice to have a product like your Dry Spray Shampoo so I can spot clean between baths. It leaves his coat looking and smelling its best! ”

Michael Brimmer
Albany, NY

“I rarely give product feed back but in this case I have to. Kelsey is my 10 year old Golden Retriever. In March of 2006 he had perpetual diarrhea. Two Internal Medicine vets, an oncologist, a surgeon and a neurologist, still can not tell me what is wrong with him. They treated him with Flagyl, which caused him to have seizures. He has had several MRI’s, sonograms, biopsies and extensive stays in the I.C.U. He has been hours away from exploratory surgery, as a last resort. He has been cared for by the top vets in the North East from Pennsylvania to New York and New Jersy. They have had him on specialty foods, for food allergies and that didn’t work. They have prescribed antibiotics for various forms of colitis and irritable bowel syndrome and have also recommended extensive steroid treatments. I was not allowing extensive steroid treatments. Several thousands of dollars later, and still no answers, I was a basket case and Kelsey was no better. Finally, by accident, I tried the Health Extension Lite. Kelsey is now having a very regular bowel movement, no major bouts of diarrhea, has no need for a daily antibiotic and is much happier about life. So am I.”

Traci Almash-Smith

“I have to let you know I introduced your little bites to all my show friends who came to Westminster and they LOVE IT!!! All the show chihauhuas were enjoying it. I bought a large bag and started showing them the ingredients, size, etc… It was a big hit. Thought you’ll be happy to know the great success it was at Westminster.”

Ada Nieves

“I am a small animal veterinarian right here in Long Island and wanted to write to tell you that my dog Olivia will only eat Health Extensions! I have a very picky mutt who will only eat the best and I feel great knowing she is eating such a high quality food! I also have MANY of my clients and friends using your food and they are all thrilled. Thank you,”

Lauren Brickman

“I have to say that since I got my poms back on Health Extension their coats have improved in luster, their stools are firm and compact… YIPPEE! And they love the food. I am extremely happy that the food is made completely in USA and is so complete with extras that there is little need to supplement them.”

Debi Procaccini – Pomeranian Breeder

“So happy to have found Health Extension at Pet Menu on Hillside Ave. in Queens, NY. My pet was having digestive issue and I was frantic to find food that would ‘stay down’. And, of course, she loves the flavor. Next time I will purchase the wet food. Thanks for making food that keeps animals healthy, alert and so soft to the touch !”

Queens, NY

“I am a long time customer of Health Extension, and am very happy with their products! They have been extremely helpful in helping my dog to lose weight, and continuing to maintain a healthy weight. I definitely recommend their products to everyone I know.”

Lauren B.

“As both a customer and an employee of Arnold Pets, I highly recommend the Health Extension brand to our customers. Their dog food formulas are all high quality and continue to provide amazing results. The price is great and is one of our best sellers!”

Taylor R.