If you put in the minute, you’ll get the results!

•Good Dog/Bad Dog

•Positive reinforcement is the key to better results and a happier dog

◦When the puppy is GOOD praise them using their name and give them a Small Heart Treat

◦When the puppy is BAD use a deep & stern voice say “NO” (never use the puppies name when disciplining)

•Indoor (Pad) Training

◦Keep the puppy in a small confined area (crate, playpen etc.)

◦Place the pad on the opposite side of this area

◦Spray Housebreaking Aid on the pad

◦Potty Party

When the puppy makes on the pad you must instantly give a potty treat (Bully Puff) and praise (Example: “Good Dog!!!!” and pat their head)

Note: “Good Dog” treats, “Command” treats and “Potty” treats should all be different treats.

•Outdoor Housebreaking

◦Keep the puppy in a small confined area (crate, playpen etc.)

◦Follow Regimen for taking your puppy outside

First thing in the morning

Before and After every feeding

Every hour (that you’re home)

Last thing before bedtime

Note: If you are out of the house for 4+ hours the puppy may not hold it in, so if the puppy makes – do not discipline

The key to housebreaking your puppy is to catch them in the act so you can properly praise or discipline depending on the event.

When housebreaking your puppy you want to be consistent with a specific spot in the yard or with the location of wee wee pad

Having an accident is virtually inevitable. If the puppy does “eliminate” in an area that they shouldn’t, clean it up with Eliminate Pet Stain & Odor Remover to completely remove the odor so they can no longer trace the smell.


◦While your puppy is teething give them a defined set of chew toys to satisfy their teeth and nose.

◦Always use naturally digestible chews such as Dental Bones and Elk Antlers and rotate frequently to keep the intensity of their interest.

Avoid rawhide and other non-natural chews to prevent intestinal blockage and digestive upset.

◦If you catch the puppy chewing on something they are not supposed to

Follow “bad” dog instructions

Immediately replace object with a chew toy

Follow “good” dog instructions

Problem Chewers can be sprayed on anything you don’t want the puppy to be chewing on (furniture, shoes, clothes etc.)



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