The Health Extension Standard

At Health Extension, we believe in surpassing expectations for pet food. Our recipes incorporate powerful, natural ingredients that target different areas of your pet's health, promoting their wellbeing and longevity. We exceed standards to provide the highest quality nutrition for your beloved pets.

Rigorous Testing

140 check points before, during, and after the cooking process to ensure each and every batch of our products are free and clear of harmful bacteria.

Recipe Formulation

Our recipes go beyond minimum nutrient requirements, containing 30+ superfoods and fresh local ingredients sourced throughout the United States. They provide your furry loved one with the nutrition to thrive, not just survive!

Ingredient Transparency

Ethical and sustainable ingredient sourcing is of the utmost importance to us. What you won't find in any of our recipes are GMOs, antibiotics or added hormones, corn, soy, artificial colors, or wheat.

Real Health Transformations

We Love Health Extension

“We love Health Extension because it keeps my crew healthy and happy. The Little Bites are the best. Ruby is 2.75 pounds and her little mouth is tiny, Little Bites are perfect for her. Ruby has been eating Health Extension her entire three years of life and always gets a perfect Dr report. We’re very thankful for such an awesome food option and company.”

Ruby’s Mom, Trish E

Never Had Digestive Issues

“Max is 12 years old - has been eating little bites his whole life. Thank you thank you - never had digestive issues on your food.”

Max’s Mom

We recommend their products to everyone

“It is a healthy safe food with wonderful ingredients and no recall history. When we had chihuahuas, the little bites were small enough for our 2.5 lb chihuahua to eat without choking on it. Now our frenchie cannot have chicken so we love all the chicken-free options. We recommend their products to everyone with dogs!”


Three generations of caring

Trusted by millions of pet parents

At Health Extension, nothing gets our tails wagging more than pet wellbeing (something we’ve been doing since 1963). With 3 generations of family know-how behind us, we jump out of bed each day ready to create US-made, small-batch recipes that place your fur baby’s health above anything else.

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