We all know the importance of a furry friend in our lives. Dogs are more than just pets; they improve moods, encourage healthy lifestyles, help us recover from illness, provide unconditional love and cuddly companionship, in addition to keeping us safe! Your furry friends share their lives with us, it is only natural that we look after them as well. Here at Health Extension® pet food shop, we provide an awesome selection of dog supplies to provide your four-legged friends everything they need to live long, and healthy lives. You’ll find quality dog products made with love, including a wide variety of holistic Dry Dog Foods that are specially formulated for all life stages. Our wide variety of proteins include USDA approved Chicken and Lamb and are wildly popular. Other proteins include Buffalo ; Whitefish, Salmon, Duck, and Venison. All dry dog foods are made with whole fruits and vegetables and include superfoods like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, natural probiotics, and pure coconut oil for a holistically nutritious meal. Additionally, we offer wholesome grains, grain free and freeze-dried raw dog food options. No matter what dog has joined your family and touched your heart, we have the perfect products to meet their nutritional needs. Let’s not forget about our Ancestry Pet Foods, providing another high-quality option with wholesome grains, highly digestible and an economically great solution! Wet Dog Food is a favorite amongst most dogs. Packed with protein and incredibly tasty, your dog will find Health Extension® wet canned and cup foods hard to resist. Use as a topper on your dog’s dry dog food for a seriously delicious meal. Super Bites Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food for all breeds and all life stages is a super tasty, super healthy way to enhance your pup’s meals. This grain free raw meal mixer is designed to boosts taste and nutrition with loads of naturally healthy superfoods that include sweet potato, turmeric, organic apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil, not to be found anywhere else! Health Extension® Dog Treats are nutritious and essential for your dog’s happiness. Your fur baby will need a wide variety of delicious snacks and treats made with holistic ingredients as they grow and their needs change. Our impressive variety of treat options include GMO free, grain free, chews, snacks, crunchy cookies, freeze dried jerky, elk antlers, and yak cheese. Yes indeed! We have a dog treat solution that every dog’s heart desires. Health Extension® is also here to support your dog’s daily nutritional needs, by providing a variety of Dog Supplements to ensure every pup gets all the nutritional support that they need and those canines that need a bit more support for their special needs. Prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy, happy, long life. Weather your dog is a spunky puppy, a seasoned senior or somewhere in between, your dog will adore Health Extension® Dog Toys for playtime and bonding with their humans! Our exclusive innovative collection of Snugarooz dog toys are a fabulous way to interact with your fur baby. No matter if your pooch loves a good game of tug of war or they prefer to fetch or chew, or just love a plush squeaky toy to guard and snuggle with, whatever the preference is, your furry friend will love Snugarooz! Spa Care is easy at Health Extension® too! We believe that every dog deserves to be pampered with delicious shampoos, and conditioners. The ARI collection provides probiotic pet spa solutions to defend against environmental damage and inflammation. PH balanced shampoos and conditioners are all natural, free of harsh chemicals and sulfates, making them safe for even the most sensitive pets. Health Extension® Cleaning & Potty Supplies for Dogs are here to the rescue! All 100% natural and safe to use around your home. Dog parents know the importance of having the right supplies on hand for accidents and to help their furry friends become well-behaved. With house training aids, chew deterrents, and powerful cleaning products, pet parents will be delighted to keep their homes smelling fresh and clean for their all of their loved ones. Whether you are looking for a gift for a pet lover or you simply want to pamper your own furry friend, join the Health Extension® family, and experience the love!


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Frequently Asked Questions about Dogs

What is the best dog food to feed my dog? Holistic Health Extension® has over 3 generations of family expertise in every bite! Offering a range of nutritious all natural ingredients for your fur baby. GMO free, and never any bi-products, corn, wheat or soy. We use the highest quality meat proteins as the first ingredient in our products. Health Extension® is the best product to feed your pets!

Are your Grain Free recipes ok for a diabetic cat/dog? Health Extension® Grain Free recipes are low enough on the glycemic index that they should meet the specific needs of a dog/cat with diabetes. However, we always recommend following up with your vet and making sure they are monitored closely to be safe.

Do your Grain Free recipes contain Taurine? Our Grain Free Recipes all contain a minimum of 80-85% meat-based protein. Since taurine is found in poultry, fish and other meat-based protein sources, there are naturally occurring levels present in all Health Extension® recipes. At this current juncture there is not a required level of taurine as per AAFCO’s standards. If and when this changes, Health Extension® promises to adjust all of our recipes accordingly.