St. Bernard Dog Laying on Grass

An Introduction to the Magnificent St. Bernard Dogs

Do you know about the St. Bernard breed of dog? They are some of the most beautiful and majestic dogs in the world!

Frenchie at table with coffee and biscuits

Pet-Friendly Cafés That You and Your Pooch Will Love!

Looking for a fun new way to bond with your furry friend? Look no further than the doggy cafés! These unique eateries are welcoming places for both humans and canines alike.
Samoyed laying in snow

What Dog Breeds are Best Suited for Cold Weather?

Wondering which dog breeds are best suited for cold weather climates? Check out this blog post to learn more!

deboned chicken on cutting board

The Benefits of Deboned Chicken in Pet Food

Deboned chicken is a popular ingredient in pet food because it is considered to be a healthier and more nutritious option. Find out why deboned chicken is so beneficial for your pet and how it can help keep them healthy and happy.


Bed Bugs & Pets: What You Need to Know Before Traveling

Worried about bed bugs when traveling with your pets? Here's everything you need to know, from identifying bed bugs to preventing them from hitchhiking home with you.
DIY Dog Grooming: The Health Extension® Way!

DIY Dog Grooming: The Health Extension® Way!

Learn about the importance of DIY dog grooming and how you can make it easier than ever with the help of Health Extension®
King Charles Spaniel

Everything You Need to Know About Show Dogs!

From what a show dog is, to how they're trained, to what they compete in, learn everything you need to know about these furry competitors!

two standard poodles with sunglasses and hats

Create an Instagram Account for Your Furry Friend!

Want to show off your pet's cuteness to the world? Here are some tips on how to create an Instagram account for your furry friend.

Barking dog

Is Your Dog Getting Headaches After Barking?

Wondering if dogs get headaches after barking? Here's what the professionals have to say about it!

turmeric powder on a spoon and in a lid and turmeric roots

The Power of Turmeric: A Super Spice for Your Dog’s Health

Find out everything you need to know about turmeric and how it can benefit your pet's health.

Basics First Aid Kits

The Basics of Pet First Aid Kits

A pet first aid kit could save your pet’s life. Here’s what you need to know.

puppy laying on grass with snarly face

How to Put an End to Bad Dog Behavior

Is your dog driving you crazy? Here's how to put a stop to bad dog behavior for good.