Your cat will love our all-natural Holistic Health Extension® wet cat food, it is healthy and delicious, and a great option for those who want to ensure their cat is getting all the nutrients they need. Our wet cat food is an All Life Stages solution that makes it convenient and simply to provide your feline friend everything they need throughout their fuzzy lives. Wet food is typically higher in protein and moisture than dry food, making it a more complete and balanced diet for your cat. We only use the finest ingredients in our wet cat food, and we never add any artificial flavors or colors. Select your pets favorite grain free wet cat food products from the many great flavors such as Chicken & Pumpkin Recipe, Tilapia & Tuna Recipe, and Tuna & Prawns Recipe. Or if you prefer wholesome grains you will find Turkey & Chicken Entrée, also, it’s a great way to add some variety to your cat's diet, and can be fed as is or used as topper over kitty’s, Grain Free Turkey & Salmon Recipe, or Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, dry cat food. Additionally, wet food can help keep your cat hydrated, which is especially important in hot weather or if your cat is ill. Wet food is also generally more palatable for cats, so it is a good option for those who are finicky eaters. Don’t forget to reward your kitty with SuperBites Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats! Your cat will thank you with sweet snuggles and purring affection. Ultimately, the best diet for your cat is one that meets their individual needs and preferences, so talk to your veterinarian about whether wet or dry food is right for your feline friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wet Cat Food:

Is canned wet cat food better for my cat than dry cat food? Wet cat food is a better option for some cats. For instance, cats with teeth or digestive issues may find wet cat food better than a dry cat food option. Cats need hydration to keep their urinary tract healthy and wet cat food provides this especially for those cats who don't drink enough water.

How much wet food should I feed my cat? Health Extension® has simple guidelines to follow on the back of the package to ensure your kitty gets the recommended nutrition daily. Weight and activity levels are important to identify your feline friends proper feeding levels. If unsure, your vet can provide guidance on nutrition and quantity.

How long does my cats wet food last once opened? If properly stored cans can last up to 3 days in a separate sealed container.