As any pet owner knows, a healthy diet is essential for keeping your furry friend happy and healthy. Health Extension® wet dog food collection has a variety of different options and flavors, to keep your pup’s mealtime exciting. Wet dog foods bring additional benefits to your pup’s mealtime, including easy digestibility, and high moisture content which is important for keeping dogs hydrated. Wet dog food also contains a high percentage of meat protein making it a desirable option for all carnivore canines. And the irresistible aroma will drive your dog nuts! Health Extension® wet dog food offers grain inclusive and grain free products along with a variety of little cups for perfect individual servings. Our special canned supplemental toppers are a great addition to add to dry dog food kibble, for a perfect satisfying meal. Recipes are fun with unique meat proteins such as, Tuscan Style Quail Recipe, French Bistro Rabbit Recipe, Italian Feast Venison Recipe, and Montana Grill Buffalo & Whitefish Recipe, and many more. No matter what your dog’s unique pallet desires are, you will find a delicious healthy addition to make their mealtime fun. Ancestry Pet Food is another great option for your pup’s canned food needs with recipes like, Farmland 95% Chicken topper, Look Out! Duck Dinner, and Lamb Dinner with Rice. We include apple cider vinegar and a dash of pure coconut oil for shiny coats, so that your dog gets an exceptional dining experience with healthy benefits! All of the Health Extension® wet dog food products are limited ingredient products and suitable for all life stages. So, if your pup has sensitive stomach or allergies, you can rest assure that you will find a perfect solution to suit your fur baby’s needs. Make mealtime healthy and enjoyable for your pup with Health Extension® wet dog foods.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Wet Dog Food

What is the best wet dog food for my dog? The best wet dog food for your dog will be a balanced recipe made for your dog’s specific needs. Consider the breed, lifestyle and health of your dog. Look for holistic formulas with limited ingredients and real meat as the first ingredient. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian if you are unsure.

Is wet dog food better than dry dog food? Wet dog food is a better option for some dogs. For instance, dogs with few teeth or digestive issues may find wet dog food better than a dry dog food option. Dogs who need extra hydration, have urinary issues, other health conditions, or those who live in hot climates may also benefit from the added hydration provided in a wet food diet.

Does wet dog food need to be refrigerated? Wet dog food in a can should be refrigerated after opened. Refrigerate any unused portion in a separate clean, sealed container for later use, up to three days. Discard any uneaten, unrefrigerated food after 4 hours to prevent food-borne illness in your pet.

Can my puppy have wet dog food? Puppies can have wet dog food. Health Extension® wet dog foods are formulated for all life stages to ensure you puppy gets the nutrients need for proper growth and development. Always consult your vet if you are unsure what kind of food to feed or how much to feed your puppy.

Can I mix wet dog food with dry dog food? Yes! Mixing wet dog food into dry dog food kibble can increase water intake and make meals more palatable for your best friend. It can also be more cost-effective than feeding a wet food diet alone. Talk to your vet before making any major dietary changes, especially if your dog is older or has any health conditions.