We love cats because they are independent, yet affectionate; they are minimal maintenance, yet still demanding of our attention; they offer us companionship without being clingy. In other words, cats give us the perfect balance of companionship and independence. Health Extension® understands that cats also have a variety of needs that must be met in order for them to live happy, healthy lives including holistic nutritious dry cat foods, and a variety of healthy wet cat foods and of course cat treats. Cat’s also need plenty of cat toys for ample exercise and mental stimulation. Explore our outstanding collections for Cats! Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty… Your feline friend will come running to devour our holistic healthy cat foods! Start with wholesome grain or grain free holistic dry cat food for kittens through seniors, complete and balanced filled with superfoods cats crave! Healthy, convenient, and economically friendly, Health Extension® dry cat foods continue to be the preference for cat lovers everywhere. Our dry cat food kibble is complete and balanced and provides a hassle-free mealtime solution. No spoilage when you leave the meal out for your kitty to eat when darn good and ready! Packed with unique ingredients like organic apple cider vinegar, ginger, and green tea extract for a healthy source of antioxidants that prevent inflammation and support the immune system. Choose from several flavors to find the perfect match for your special friend.Cat’s love wet food! Weather fed alone or served with their dry cat food. Health Extension® canned cat foods provides kitty with delicious grain free meals that are both satisfying and healthy. Packed with a wide variety of high-quality proteins, in savory sauces, gravies or broths. Simply pop open a can and watch as the excitement unfolds. Wet foods provide essential moisture to help with hydration and support urinary tract health. Health Extension® wet cat food has a top-of-the-line selection in many paw-smacking’ flavors. Wet foods are simply delectable for cats at mealtimes! Cats also love to play, so it’s time to let them pounce around with our generous collection of Snugarooz cat toys. Stuffed with catnip to entice your kitty to dance, jump and bat around their favorite squeaky, crinkly, cat toys to their heart's content. Health Extension® does not miss a beat with Snugarooz innovative, interactive cat toys that will surely become kitties’ favorites. After a good round of play time, kitty needs a snack! Reward your feline friend with Super Bites Raw Freeze-Dried cat treats. Super Bites are made with nutrient rich superfoods including carrots, sweet potato, blueberries all good antioxidants that support healthy immune systems. These versatile treats can be given as a treat or reward and are a perfect addition to kitty’s meal when used as a meal topper. Cat Treats will keep your cat purring and happy, and you will reap the rewards of their gratitude! Now that Health Extension® has provided everything needed to maintain kitties’ health and happiness, all you need to do is cuddle up with your furball for a well-deserved nap!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cats.

What is better for my cat, dry food or canned food? Can foods contain more protein for and moisture which is good for hydration typically do not contain added preservatives. Where as kibble is more affordable and provides dental health with the chewing action, and is more convenient to feed.

How do I store my opened cans of cat food? It is recommended that wet food be stored in a clean air tight container, not in the open can.

How long can I leave the canned food out for my cat? It is recommended that wet food be put away if not eaten within a few hours to reserve freshness.