No matter what breed of dog you have, training is important. Understanding the process and setting up your training sessions for success is half the battle. Consistency and patience are key to training successfully. These 10 basic tips will help get you started. So, whether your pup is just a furry friend or potential champion show dog, start training today!

The Tips

  1. Schedules. Start your training sessions at the same time every day. Schedules are important for your dog to know what to expect and when. Plan to keep training sessions short and fun so pup does not lose interest or get bored. 
  2. Consistency. Consistency is key when training your dog. Taking care to make sure everyone in the family understands the training commands and expectations will help your pup learn more quickly without becoming confused. 
  3. Praise. Positive reinforcement is the best way to help your pup learn a new command. Always use praise and love to reward your fur baby and of course give yummy Health Extension Treats. Health Extension® Impawfect Bacon Training Treats are a perfect reward for training and good behavior and they are soft baked for those little ones!   
  4. Patience. The number one rule is not to get discouraged or frustrated. Some dogs learn quicker than others and you have to allow them to learn at their own pace. They will never forget the command once they learn and understand it. 
  5. Punishment. Never ever use physical or verbal punishment. These tactics damage the trust and bond between you and your dog. When your dog is doing naughty behavior, simply redirect them or when possible, ignore it. Sometimes they simply pay attention and do things that they know will get under your skin! 
  6. Commands. Do not overwhelm your furry friend with too many commands at one time. Teach one command at a time, when that one is mastered. Always revisit mastered commands each day to reinforce what has already been learned. Then add the new command and practice that one until mastered, remembering to keep the sessions short. Limit each session to around 15-20 minutes and end on a positive note so your dog associates training with something fun and enjoyable. Health Extension® Dental Treats are a wonderful way to reward your pup for a great training session! 
  7. Family. It is important to get the family involved in the training. The message it sends to your dog is that everyone is on the same page and your pooch has to behave with everyone in the household, not just the one training them. The family will benefit when everyone participates and shares the same love, praise, and reward routines. Happy family, happy pup!
  8. Practice. Repeat, repeat, repeat! Practice with your dog and repeat the commands they have been taught every day to reinforce and remind them of what they have learned. It should only take 5–10 minutes per day to go over the basic commands, and this bonding time is great for you and your pup. Use the Health Extension® Training Treats to keep your fur baby healthy and entertained during practice!  
  9. Socialize. Introducing new friends, humans, and pups to your dog in a safe environment will teach them how to behave, be less anxious or protective on walks and at playtime with others. Always reward good behavior with Health Extension® Impawfect Cran-Apple Training Treats your dog will love you and the environment will thank you!
  10. Support. Remember, there are always professionals available to assist you with training your dog. It is not for everyone as it does take a lot of time and effort to do it right. If you have no time and are out of your wits, reach out to trainers, or behaviorists for additional help. 

Congratulations on starting your journey into dog training! These 10 basic tips are a great foundation to help you get started. Remember, the most important thing is to be consistent and patient with your dog. With a little time and effort, you will have a well-behaved furry friend who will be a beloved member of the family for years to come. Have fun and good luck!

October 31, 2022 — Tamara Slaughter-Cerven