Most people are aware that dogs need exercise, but not everyone realizes that dogs also need mental stimulation too! Just like humans, dogs can get bored and restless without something to do. Health Extension® dog toys are the perfect way to keep your canine’s mind active and engaged. It is important to choose the appropriate dog toy for your dog's size, age, and energy level. Health Extension® Snugarooz’ have a wide variety of dog toys that cater to your dog’s diverse needs. Snugarooz dog toys are an innovative, interactive collection of toys for dogs and cats that come in a wide variety of sizes and play time favorites including chew toys, ropes, fetch toys, plush squeaky animals, rubber balls and more! Every single toy in the collection is designed to embody their mission: "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.TM” Snugarooz dog toys are made with the safety of your pup in mind, with durable materials and no harmful chemicals, and all dog toys must pass careful inspections to ensure that the quality meets Health Extension® standards for durability, safety, and quality. As a result, pet parents can rest assured that their furry friends are playing with safe, high-quality toys.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Toys

What is the best plush toy that will last? We have a great selection of plush squeaky, crinkly, dog toys in different sizes to fit your fur baby's playtime needs. Made with durable non-toxic materials.
What toys are best for my Large Breed dog? Large and Giant Breeds dogs enjoy the Snugarooz durable rope dog toys. The interesting designs will keep your pup active and engaged during playtime.
What toys are best for my Small Breed Dog? Smaller pups love the plush toys and tiny ropes to chew on. There is a wide variety of Snugarooz Dog Toys for your furry friend to choose from. Hide & Seek Reef has 3 turtles that hide in their reef! A perfect 4 in 1 toy for your fur baby!