All dogs need treats! Health Extension® Dog Treats are nutritious and essential for your dog’s needs. Your fur baby will need a wide variety of delicious snacks and treats made with holistic ingredients as they grow and their needs change. Our impressive variety of treat options include GMO free, grain free, chews, snacks, crunchy cookies, freeze dried jerky, elk antlers, and yak cheese. Yes indeed! We have a dog treat solution for every dog’s desire. Crunchy Heart Shaped Treats with Chicken or Buffalo flavored cookies are an exceptionally healthy sweet heart shaped, small treat for rewarding and training your pup. Oven Baked Grain Free Treats are cute little bone shaped cookies that look like mom just pulled them out of the oven! Your pup will love a snack between meals. Made with superfoods like turmeric, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. A nutritious feel-good snack that will satisfy your dog’s mid-day cravings. Dental Bones are a perfect dog treat solution for keeping your pups’ breath fresh and teeth healthy and strong. Your dog will love these uniquely shaped bone treats that gently scrub plaque away while they enjoy the chewing action. Dental Bone treats come in several options, including one for pups with sensitive tummies. Freeze Dried Raw Coated Bison Treats are guaranteed to excite your dog’s pallet and in turn they will thank you with tail wagging delight. These all-natural grain free dog treats are a perfect solution for training and rewarding you fur baby! Your dog will never get bored with these treats as they come in several different flavors! Try them all and let your dog pick the favorites! Health Extension® Natural Chews provide your furry baby a healthy option for chew time activity without worrying about your furniture or your shoes! Satisfy your pup’s chewing cravings with delicious Cheek Chews, a hard dog chew made from beef cheek skin, in many flavors to suit your pup’s taste. You may prefer the Natural Elk Antlers, long lasting and sure to keep your pup busy for hours. Elk Antlers, naturally shed, hard chews, which come in whole or sliced Antlers for your dog’s preference. Yak Cheese? Oh yes! This long lasting, all-natural dog treat is loaded with cheesy deliciousness, enough said! Sammy Snacks are button shaped, meatless dog treats that are packed with delicious superfoods, gluten free, and have a yummy crunch. Great for treating your pup or simply rewarding them for being cute! Try all four recipes. ImPawfect Dog Treats are soft baked treats that have perfectly imperfect ingredients rescued from humans. Health Extension® created an innovative way to help fight food waste by using imperfect ingredients that would have been thrown out. made with 40% upcycled ingredients and recyclable packaging. Your dog will love getting these treats as a reward, daily treat, even as a training aid. Available in 5 recipes to peek your pup’s interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Treats

What are the best dog treats? When shopping for the best dog treats for your furry friend, keep in mind what your dog’s personal needs are. Size, shape, and textures are important as well. Does your dog have dental issues, digestive sensitivities, or allergies? If you pup devours treats without even tasting them, you may opt for a hard chew or natural antler that will take some time to break down. Training treats will be a bit smaller so you can afford to give them more during training sessions. With that said, Health Extension® has a vast dog treat selection that will meet your furry friend’s needs. Try several and let your canine friend chose their favorites!
What are the healthiest dog treats? Healthy treats start with healthy ingredients. Start with nutrient dense natural healthy ingredients like whole fruits and veggies, powerful superfoods that include turmeric coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Dog treats that are GMO free and contain no artificial ingredients or colors and never any corn, wheat, or soy. Grain free options are popular as well. Health Extension® is confident that you will find the healthiest dog treats for your furry friend.

How do I set up AutoShip for my dog treats? Health Extension® makes your life easy with a subscription for the automatic shipment option on our website. You choose the frequency of your shipments and cancel any time. This option is available upon check out.