Halloween with Your Dog - Tips for a Howling Good Time!

Halloween with Your Dog - Tips for a Howling Good Time!

Boxer with Superman Costume for Halloween

Halloween is a wonderful time of year for humans and dogs alike. But if you are not careful, Halloween can also be a pretty dangerous time for your furry friend. Here are some tips to make sure your dog has a howling good time this Halloween!

Primarily, know your dog! If your dog is not people-friendly or does not interact with the public on a regular basis, you might want to let your buddy sit this holiday out! It is important not to put your pet in a situation that is unfamiliar and on top of that, introducing scary people in costumes is not a great idea. Instead pick up a cute Health Extension Halloween dog toy to share the Halloween experience with them or a delicious Chew Treat to keep them healthy and happy during the Halloween season.  

Costumes are optional. If your dog is not comfortable in a costume, do not force it. There are plenty of other ways to dress up your dog for Halloween without making them wear a costume. You can put a bandana or bowtie around their neck, paint their nails, or put temporary tattoo stickers on them. Or, if they are ok with wearing a costume, make sure it is comfortable and does not obstruct their vision in any way. You can find plenty of store-bought options or get creative and make your own. Either way, your pup is sure to look adorable in whatever you choose. And… do not forget the inevitable photo op!

Go trick-or-treating at pet-friendly stores only. Many stores hand out treats in the afternoon and early evenings on Halloween. Before you head out trick-or-treating with your pup, call ahead to make sure the stores you will be visiting are pet friendly. That way, everyone will have a good time! Remember to use a reflective leash and collar for safety, don't forget to bring poo-poo bags for accidents and have plenty of Health Extension Dog Treats on hand to reward their good behavior!

Welcoming trick-or-treaters at your front door can be challenging as well if you have larger dogs that have big barks! Giving your dog plenty of play time before the evening visiting hours can help reduce their energy levels.  Also, it might be a good idea to keep your dog busy with a yummy chew treat like Health Extension Rotisserie Chicken Cheek Chews, Health Extension Yak Cheese or Health Extension Natural Elk Antlers. If you have a barker… simply place a note at the front door to let your visitors know it is safe to approach or simply sit outside on your porch where you can enjoy the little ones while passing out goodies.  

Be careful with decorations. Dogs are curious creatures, so it is important to make sure any decorations you put up are safe for them. Avoid decorations that are small enough to swallow, sharp enough to cut them, or that use flame (like candles in jack-o'-lanterns) or could be toxic if ingested. If you are not sure whether a decoration is safe for your dog, just do not use it.

Keep a supply of Health Extension Dog Treats available for other pups you run into on your trek. If you think your dog may have eaten something they should not have, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Follow these tips to keep your dog safe and happy this Halloween and have a howling fun time yourself! Happy Halloween from all of us at the Health Extension. Be sure to share pictures of your furry friends in their costumes with us on social media – we can’t wait to see them!

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