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Should I Feed My Dog More Than Once Per Day?

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There are a lot of different opinions out there when it comes to how many times a day you should feed your dog. Some people say you should only feed your dog once a day, while others say you should feed them several times throughout the day. So, which is the right answer? Well, like most things, it depends on your dog. 

Each dog is different and will need different feeding schedules based on their age, activity level, and digestive health. In general, though, many veterinarians agree that feeding your dog two or three times per day is the best way to go. This will help keep their energy levels up and minimize digestive problems. 

What are the benefits of feeding my dog on a schedule vs. free feeding them throughout the day?

There are a several benefits to feeding your dog on a set schedule as opposed to free feeding them. First, it can help with portion control. Free feeding can lead to overeating, which can cause your dog to become overweight or obese. Feeding on a schedule can help you better control how much food your dog is eating and help them maintain a healthy weight.

Another benefit of feeding on a schedule is that it can help with potty training. If you know when your dog has eaten, you will also know approximately when they will need to go to the bathroom. This can make potty training much easier and quicker for both you and your dog.

How can I create a feeding routine for my dog that works for both of us?

Creating a feeding routine that works for both you and your dog may take some trial and error. Start by figuring out how many times per day best suites your dog’s needs based on their age and activity levels. Once you have that number in mind, begin creating a schedule that will work with your daily routine. 

If you work long hours, you may need to get creative with your feeding schedule in order to make it work. For example, you may need to set an alarm to remind you to feed your dog in the morning. It may make sense to leave half the food out for them to eat in the morning then feed them their second meal portion once you get home. Feeding dispensers are another option for those days when you will be away for longer periods of time. 

If you have a puppy, it is important to start with several meals per day and as they get older, gradually decrease the number of times per day until they are used to 2-3 meals per day. This will help them maintain their energy levels and prevent them from overeating. Dogs over the age of six months can be transitioned to two meals per day.

How much food should I give my dog at each meal?

Dog food manufacturers often provide guidelines for feeding your pup, usually based on their weight and age. Health Extension Dog Food is a good option to feed and clear feeding guidelines for all life stages of your fur baby. You'll want to split up the daily recommended amount into as many mealtimes per day that you are scheduling for them! 

If you are unsure about the amount or if your dog has special needs, check with your veterinarian for a custom feeding plan for your pooch. 

What are some problems with feeding dogs on a schedule, and how can I avoid them?

One problem with feeding dogs on a schedule is that they may start to beg for food or become anxious when they see you preparing their meals. This can be avoided by teaching your dog some basic obedience commands, such as "sit" and "stay." You can also try using a feeding puzzle or feeding toy to keep their minds busy and distracted while you are preparing their meal.

Another problem that can occur is that dogs may start to associate mealtimes with being left alone. If this is a concern, try to feed your dog in different areas of the house or yard so that they don't always associate mealtime with being separated from you.  Giving them their meal in plenty of time before running out the door can also ease this issue. 

In general, it is best to avoid making any substantial changes to your dog's feeding schedule or routine. Dogs are creatures of habit and do best when their routine is predictable. If you need to make a change, do so gradually so that your dog has time to adjust.


So, how many times a day should you feed your dog? Well, as we’ve seen, it really depends on the individual dog. However, in general, feeding them two or three times per day is recommended by many veterinarians. This will help keep their energy levels up and minimize digestive problems. You can also add Health Extension Belly + Immunity to their diet to keep their digestive health in top shape.  

Have you been following these guidelines for feeding your pup? Let us know how it’s going in the comments below!

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