So by now, you have heard about all the great benefits of feeding your pet Health Extension foods and are ready to get them started on their all-natural diet! Well, just like young children, your pet may do best when introduced to new foods and ingredients gently. Luckily, there is an easy formula to follow to do just this. We call it the “20% Rule”.

Each day, you add 20% more of their new food to 20% less of the old food. When transitioning your dog to Health Extension food, carve out 5 to 10 days where you will be mixing their new, Health Extension food with their existing food. Here is what that can look like:

Day 1 – Mix 20% of Health Extension food with 80% of their old formula.

Day 2 – Mix 40% of Health Extension food with 60% of their old formula.

Day 3 – Mix 60% of Health Extension food with 40% of their old formula.

Day 4 – Mix 80% of Health Extension food with 20% of their old formula.

Day 5 – Feed your pet 100% of the recommended serving of Health Extension food.

Most dogs transition fine within 5 days, however, some may need longer. If you see any type of belly upset, we recommend you follow the 10 day schedule moving forward, performing each step for 2 days instead.

Remember, there are many reasons why it’s helpful to slowly transition your pet to a new food, which may not have anything to do with allergies, and can be dependent on their age, health and overall preferences. Most importantly, this process gives your dog’s digestive system the time it needs to adjust while also giving your pet a more gentle introduction to their new food.

Once you have completed the transition, your pet is on their way to a healthier, more vitalized life, one meal at a time! For more guides, visit our resources page.


June 06, 2022 — Shoghine Soghomonyan