Don’t wait until it’s too late! Stock up on the essential Cleaning & Potty Training for Dogs for your new furry friend right from the start. It’s always better to be prepared for the potty-training accidents and problem  behaviors that occur when adding a pet to your family. For those hard to clean spots and strong odors that can occur when accidents happen, Health Extension Eliminate Stain & Odor Cleaner is a dog cleaning product
with proprietary blend of natural enzymes and powerful cleaners. Powerful enough to remove the strongest odors and toughest stains guaranteed. Use on carpets, bedding, tile, or vinyl flooring you name it, Eliminate Stain & Odor Cleaner is there for all your dog cleaning problems. Now you can get on with potty training your pup on teaching them where it is appropriate to go! Housebreaking Aid to the rescue! This innovative
product will actually attract your furry friend to go potty on the wee-wee pad. Oh, what a relief! Potty training done easy. They learn very quickly where they should do their business with Housebreaking Aid. Now, if we can just get them stop licking, biting, and chewing the furniture and dad’s shoes! Do not fret. Health Extension® is here with a solution for this too! Problem Chewers is designed to effectively repel your pups desire to participate in destructive, naughty behaviors. With three active bittering agents, this product is effective and safe for your pup. Distract your pup with positive chewing behaviors by providing them with Snugarooz dog toys and Health Extension Chew Treats keeping them busy and out of trouble will keep you and pup happy. Ok, so we fixed that problem too... what about those areas that are tempting your pooch to engage in undesirable behavior inside and outside? We have you covered, again! Pet Deterrent works like magic. Simply spritz the product around the areas you want to protect, like the garbage cans, furniture, plants, toys, or doorways to rooms or closets that you want them to stay clear of. Take Pet Deterrent outside to protect, flower beds, gardens, lawn areas, trees, shrubs, fences, kids’ sandboxes, or play equipment, problem solved!
Health Extension® has solutions for all your dog cleaning and potty-training needs. One more thing... all of Health Extension® products are 100% natural, safe for humans and pets, and satisfaction guaranteed. There you have it! Your canine friend will soon learn what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior. Always remember to provide lots of praise and rewards with Health Extension® Treats anytime you catch them doing the
right thing, or simply just because you love them!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Cleaning and Potty Training
What do I use to clean of the stains and odors that my pet has made? Eliminate is formulated with 100% natural ingredients for safe use in your home and around you furry friends. Containing natural enzymes that work with powerful cleaners to remove even the toughest pet odors and stains. And it's guaranteed!
How do I keep my dog out of the laundry room? All natural Pet Deterrent is a safe and effective way to keep your pup away from areas and things you want to protect. This remarkable training aid works beautifully, and is a favorite with our pet parents!
How do I get my dog to potty on the pad? Housebreaking aid is a brilliant way to teach your pup how to go potty on the pee pee pad! All natural and simple to use, just spray on the pad and your pup will naturally want to wet on the pad! Save and non-toxic for use indoors and outside.