Freeze dried raw cat treats are quickly becoming a popular choice among cat owners. Freeze dried raw foods are made by removing all of the water from raw meat, fruits, and vegetables. This process not only makes the food more shelf-stable for easier storage and preparation, but it also concentrates the flavors, making it more appealing to cats to consume. Health Extension® Freeze Dried Raw Cat Treats are made with raw proteins, freeze dried to maintain all of the nutritional benefits. Nutrient rich superfoods like, coconut oil, sweet potato, turmeric, and organic apple cider vinegar are packed into these Grain Free Super Bites Cat Treats, providing a super-healthy super-tasty treat or meal topper over your kitty’s canned wet food or dry cat food kibble. Either way, your cat is sure to love these delicious and nutritious treats! Available in Beef and Chicken Recipes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Freeze-Dried Raw

Are SuperBites Freeze-Dried Raw food safe for my kitty? SuperBites Freeze-Dried Raw Treats are completely safe to feed your cat. Made with raw, protein- packed meats and freeze dried to lock in nutritional value and taste, and can last many years if properly stored in a cool dark place to ensure freshness.

Can I use SuperBites Freeze -Dried Raw food to feed my cat? SuperBites Freeze-Dried Raw dog treats are not intended to be complete and balance for meals and should be used intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Are SuperBites Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Treats healthy for my kitty? SuperBites Freeze-Dried Raw Treats are super nutritious and packed with superfoods that like coconut oil, sweet potato, turmeric and organic apple cider vinegar you won't find anywhere else.