5 -Basic Dog Training Commands

5 -Basic Dog Training Commands

Puppy in training

Let’s face it, we all want to communicate with our dogs! Training your dog to understand basic commands is a terrific way to start. Boundaries are important to keep your pup safe in their living environment, so start with these basics and when mastered, you can move to more advanced commands. All you need is lots of Holistic Health Extension® Crunchy Treats, love, and a lot of patience! Check out all the tasty treats available at Health Extension®.

  1. “Sit” Command

Start with the “Sit” command. Training your dog how to sit will help her understand that it is not ok to jump on people to greet them or to grab things out of people’s hands. This command will also benefit your pup by keeping her out of trouble and safe. Try our Holistic Health Extension® Freeze-Dried Beef Lung Chicken & Cheddar Recipe Bully Puffs, with no wheat, gluten or grains.

Begin by holding a treat in your hand and show your dog that you have a goody for them. They will be dancing around trying to get the treat. Hold the treat near their mouth and move the treat up until your dog sits. Immediately praise your dog while giving up the treat. Never give up the treat unless the dog is in the sitting position. This is where the patience comes in handy! Once your pup masters this command, you can teach the “Down” command.

  1. “Down” Command

The "Down" command is an important one for any dog to understand. It can be especially useful when you need your pup to relax in a hectic situation or want him stay put to keep them out of trouble or danger. The down position is when your dog’s chest and elbows are in contact with the ground. Try using Health Extension Impawfect Cran-Apple Training Treats, made with 40% upcycled ingredients. Give your pup a pat for helping out the environment!

Start by using the “Sit” command. Show him you have a treat. Hold the treat in front of the dog’s nose but do not give it to him yet. Move your hand down to the ground while your dog follows your hand. If your dog successfully lays down on the ground, give him the treat and praise him. Repeat this exercise while giving him the “down” command. Practice this one and the sit command until the pup is confident and obedient on command.

  1. “Stay” Command

The “Stay” command is essential for dog owners to be able to manage their dogs. The “Stay” command can be used in conjunction with the “Sit” command and can be used to keep your pet out of dangerous situations. It could even save their life by preventing them from running into the street or into dangerous situations. Once they know how to behave at home with one-word commands, they can venture out into more active, public places with confidence.

Your dog should already know the commands “Sit” and “Down” before you tackle the “Stay” command. You will also need a dog collar, extra-long leash (15 to 30 feet if possible) and training treats that your pup loves. Impawfect Bacon Training Treats are made with perfectly imperfect ingredients rescued from humans.  Additionally, you are getting upcycled treats in recycled packaging made right here in the USA!

You can use this method with them indoors or outside. If you find yourself outside, make sure there are no distractions or obstacles in sight and that the space is safe. Starting with your dog in the sit position, then give the “stay” command while holding one hand up with palm out. If they do not move for a few seconds give them praise and reward with a treat to keep their attention on you! Always use a release command “OK” to let your dog know they can move now and reward with praise and treats.

Next use the command to “Sit,” then “Stay” and repeat the exercise over again until they get it! Remember to only train for 10 – 15 minutes at a time and it’s best to practice several times a day. Once your furry baby is following the “Sit-Stay” command in place, you can use a leash to teach how to extend the stay time while you step away.

Begin by having a long leash and give the “Sit-Stay” command that you have been practicing. Then drop the leash in front of your dog while standing in front of him. Use the “Stay” command and hand signal with palm up and out and slowly move backwards a few steps at a time, then release the dog from the stay command with “OK” command. Reward, praise and repeat until you can walk across the room and feel confident that the dog will remain where you commanded him to stay until released. Good Job! This may take days or weeks, but the time and patience you invest will be life changing for you and your buddy. Next is the “Come” command.

  1. “Come” Command

The hardest thing about training your dog the "come" command is just being patient enough. No matter how quick you are, pudgy puppy paws can outrun you! Puppies love the chase game we play when try to wrangle them. The best way to prevent unnecessary stress of chasing your pup, teach them the “come” game instead. You can use the word “come” or “here” for this command, whatever suits you and your family best.

You will need a space that is quiet with no distractions and plenty of Health Extension Treats. Always start by calling your pup by name and using the “come” command. If the pup comes reward and praise with love and treats. Now turn around and run in the opposite direction using the “come” command. Puppies will chase you as this is fun playtime for them. Let the little one catch up and then give her a yummy Holistic Health Extension® Crunchy Heart Shaped Buffalo Treat, with lots of love and praise. Stop this game before the pup is tired. It may seem like an easy command at first, but if you want it to become a part of their vocabulary and routine then there is no shortcut: repetition and consistency is mandatory!

  1. “Leave it” Command

The "leave it" command is used for daily instructions and guidance for your pup. Using the “Leave it” command will allow to reserve the “No” command for more serious or harmful issues like chewing electrical wires, or poisonous plants or tackling the cat! The “Leave it” command is good to instruct your pup not to touch it, take it or eat it, yeah! My favorite command.

Begin this game by showing your pup their favorite Holistic Health Extension® Training Treat in your hand. Making sure you keep the treat in your hand where the pup cannot get to it. Let the pup lick your hand and nibble your fingers in an attempt to get the treat, give the command “Leave it.” Once the pup stops trying to get the treat, give loving praise and reward with the treat. Repeat this process until the pup consistently moves away from your hand. Then increase the waiting time gradually before giving the treat. Work your way up from seconds to several minutes in giving the treat.

Next step is to put the treat on the floor and be ready to cover it with your foot in the event the pup charges for it. Use the command “Leave it” until the pup backs off, again give the treat. Increase the time limit for waiting for the treat until you reach several minutes. Soon you will be able to drop the treat on the floor, use the command “Leave It” and walk away. Your pup will not touch the treat. Continue this process using other items like their favorite toy or blanket, the pup will soon understand the “Leave it” command with virtually anything.

As we have seen, it is not too hard to train your dog the basics. All you need is some patience, love, and healthy treats. Start when they are puppies for the easiest training experience possible. Be sure to bring lots of positive reinforcement in the form of praise and affection – dogs love that stuff! And lastly, have fun with your furry friend while teaching them these commands. Soon enough, they will be responding perfectly every time!

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