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Can you believe it? A pet food company that cares so much about your dog’s health that they designed an innovative collection of Vitamins & Supplement products for your furry friends’ individual needs! Yes, they did!

As any pet owner knows, keeping a dog healthy and happy takes a lot of work. From making sure they get enough exercise to feeding them the right food, there are many things to consider. However, even with the best care, dogs can still suffer from health challenges. This is where Health Extension® founded the innovative collection of nutritional support products for your dog. Here at Health Extension®, our Vitamins & Supplements for dogs are created to support your dog's overall health and well-being throughout their lifetime. Each product is designed to meet the specific needs of dogs. So, whether your dog needs a little extra support or you're just looking for ways to keep them healthy into their golden years, Health Extension® has you covered. Read on to learn more amazing insights about these special products.

Lifetime Multi-Vitamins

Who doesn’t take vitamins these days, right? So, why not give your dog the same benefits for their health as you are giving yourself? It’s simple with Health Extension® Multi-Lifetime Vitamins.

Our Lifetime Multi-Vitamins are formulated with essential nutrients to support your dog's health at every stage of life, from puppies to seniors. Health Extension® Lifetime Multi-Vitamins not only contain vitamins A, C, and E, which are essential for immune system health, we also add innovative ingredients like Colostrum, Spirulina and Probiotics.

Colostrum helps maintain a healthy digestive system by supporting immunity and promoting healing. It helps strengthen the body against infection from viruses and bacteria to fighting off infections. Colostrum contains prebiotics that helps to repair the intestinal lining restoring gut integrity for healthy nutrient absorption. Blue Green Algae is an excellent source of B vitamins that help fight stress and supports energy, endurance, and stamina for your pup. It also boosts the immune system, improves memory, lowers cholesterol, and enhances digestive health. What more can you ask for in a Lifetime Multi-Vitamin for your furry friend? And they taste like doggie treats, so no worries about getting your friend to take one every day!

Joint Mobility

As we age, many of us find ourselves struggling to get around as easily as we used to. Did you know, dogs experience these same difficulties? Some breeds even find themselves with genetically predisposed hip and joint issues at no fault of their owner’s care. Health Extension® understands the seriousness of our fur baby’s joint mobility. That’s why we developed a product that will fight against this debilitating, degenerative issue in dogs.

Joint Mobility is an all-natural supplement that helps support your dog's bones and joints from the very start. This joint mobility powder contains Glucosamine sulfate and Chondroitin sulfate, which help to reduce inflammation and improve joint function, along with Collagen to promote bone and tendon health. Additionally, collagen helps improve digestion, skin, coat, and nails of your pup, just like it does for humans. There are many other ingredients in Joint Mobility that work together in harmony for your pet’s healthy hips and joints. Health Extension® made Joint Mobility in a powder form to make is super easy to sprinkle or mix right into your dog’s food. Simple, delicious, and healthy, we got it all right! YEAH!

Belly + Immunity

Tummy troubles? Drats! The pain and suffering we experience when our digestive systems are on the outs, can make life miserable! Imagine what your dog feels like! Don’t let your fur baby suffer in silence with this uncomfortable condition. Health Extension® knows that your pup’s gut is as important as your own.

Health Extension® Belly + Immunity is the genius creation of people that love and adore our pets. A probiotic supplement that helps maintain a healthy digestive system? Not kidding! The Belly + Immunity powder contains probiotics and prebiotics, which help to support digestive health. Carefully selected strains of five of the top enzymes that help bellies breakdown and absorb nutrients and… support a healthy immune system!

Digestive Enzymes are important for your pup’s digestive system.  They help break down the food creating easier absorption and helping to reduce food intolerances and sensitives.

Belly + Immunity is made with all-natural ingredients like pumpkin seed powder, banana fruit powder, and ginger root powder, all proven to help support healthy digestion. And because it is in a powder form, one scoop will do it! Dogs absolutely love the taste, so you may want to mix it into their food instead of sprinkling on top, to encourage them to eat their full meal. Wink, wink!

Skin & Coat

Skin and Coat is a liquid dietary supplement made with a custom blend of nutrients to help promote the healthiest skin and coat for your dog. Health Extension® Skin & Coat is chucked full of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, essential for keeping the skin smooth and soft and coats feeling silky and glossy, simply lustrous. We don’t skimp! Vitamin A, D, and E are also included with Primrose Oil, Fish Oil and Wheat Germ Oil, all of which are the building blocks for cell membranes to support the delicate skin and healthy coat of your pet.

But there’s more… Health Extension® Skin & Coat actually prevents dryness and inflammation associated with itching and shedding by up to 70%! Wow another winner! Treat your special fur baby with Health Extension® Skin & Coat supplement by simply using the friendly pump to squirt over their food and watch the magic happen.

Stress Relief

Health Extension® did it again! Finding pet problems and creating solutions. Here we go… Health Extension® Stress Relief drops are a natural supplement for reducing they symptoms that stress can cause on the body. Yes, it’s true! An all-natural solution to address Puppy Stress Syndrome which can occur under many different circumstances, like travel, extreme temperatures, weaning and worming. Stress Relief contains Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which helps improve digestion and helps with immunity support that can become compromised with stress. This vitamin B enriched, super tasty formula increases the resistance to low blood sugar and actually boosts metabolism and energy. We made Stress Relief with Natural Malt Syrup, delicious and nutritious, to stimulate the appetite of any picky eater. How about that? One super convenient solution for many different canine concerns!


Amazing right? So, how do we do it? 3 generations worth of dedicated love and experience rolled up into one special brand, for the ultimate pet food and nutritional support solutions. It’s that simple, we love your pets as much as we do ours and want to provide them with the healthiest most effective holistic products available.

Now that you know… the next time you go to pick up your Health Extension® dog food, wander on over to the vitamin and supplement section and add some of these valuable vitamins & supplements to your cart for your dog to enjoy!

And remember, all of our remedies for dogs are safe for long-term use and are made with natural ingredients. Visit our Health Extension website to learn more about our products and how they can help your dog live a happy and healthy life. Oh, and one more thing… we make all our products right here in the USA backed by a satisfaction guarantee!

From our family to yours, may you and your tail wagging friends live long, happy, and healthy lives!

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