An Introduction to the Magnificent St. Bernard Dogs

An Introduction to the Magnificent St. Bernard Dogs

St. Bernard Dog Laying on Grass

Have you ever seen a St. Bernard dog? These majestic pooches are some of the most beautiful and grand breed of canines in the world. Standing tall and proud with their long bodies and gentle dispositions, originally bred as rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps! These pups are renowned for their intelligence and loyalty, often becoming a therapy animal or grief counselor due to their big hearts. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing breed of dog!

The History of St. Bernard Dogs

The history behind St. Bernard dogs is as fascinating as they are! The breed originated from Swiss Hospice Saint Bernard monastery where they were originally bred as rescue dogs in the 18th century by monks looking to protect travelers crossing the Great St. Bernard Pass between Switzerland and Italy. In addition to their impressive size (up to 180 pounds!), these pups also endured harsh weather conditions with thick fur coats - making them perfect for both search and rescue missions along with everyday guard duty around the monastery grounds. The breed is thought to be related to Newfoundland dogs and bred with both Mastiffs and Bernese Mountain Dogs, which explains why they tend to be quite large - but don't worry; despite their size, these pups are docile by nature.


The average St. Bernard stands about 28-30 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing anywhere from 120-180 pounds! Their coats are typically heavy and coarse, featuring brown spots on white fur - but they can come in various colors such as red or black & white as well. Health Extension® Large Bites Chicken & Brown Rice is the perfect meal option to keep these giant fur balls happy and healthy. Add Health Extension® Skin + Coat to help manage and maintain that beautiful thick coat. These gentle giants also love the Health Extension® Dental Bones to help keep their teeth healthy and clean!


As far as personality goes, these massive pups can be quite goofy and silly when they want to be - they love playing fetch or going on hikes with their owners - but they also enjoy just laying around, getting good belly rubs or cuddles - which has earned them the nickname ‘the nanny dog’! They truly love being around people and thrive off human interaction; while they are protective watchdogs by nature, they rarely bark unnecessarily due to their laid-back demeanor.  These pups also make fantastic therapy animals due to their sweet nature - helping those who need companionship during difficult times.

Cultural Significance:

St. Bernard dogs have become icons due to their majestic appearance - often appearing in television shows, commercials, books and more! For example, Beethoven was one of the first big-screen representations of this breed back in 1992. It’s obvious why these magnificent pups have been featured so heavily throughout the media over time - there is something truly special about these giant teddy bear-like creatures that capture people's hearts!

Whether you own a pup or not, it’s hard not to appreciate how amazing these magnificent animals are! From their incredible history protecting travelers through treacherous terrain in Switzerland to becoming icons within pop culture today thanks to their majestic appearance – there’s no denying that St. Bernard dogs are amongst one of the most awe-inspiring breeds of all time! So, if you ever run into one during your travels – be sure to give them some extra belly rubs from us here at Health Extension®! We hope this introduction has provided some insight into what makes these pooches so special - we know we sure fell deeper in love after writing about them here today! ;)

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