Is Your Dog on the Naughty or Nice List This Holiday Season?

Happy Dog playing with stuffed Snugarooz toy

For most of us, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year…or are they? Are you dreading your pet’s holiday antics this season or are you looking forward to some festive fun! Remember, holidays aren’t just for humans, in fact for many of us, our pets are our family, and we enjoy including them in the festivities. Take this quiz to help determine if your dog is on the naughty or nice list this holiday season and see if your furry friend is a perfect pup or might need a little help getting there!

Let’s face it, we spend more time out of the home during the holidays than we do at home playing with our pets.

1. When you return home from all the hustle and bustle of the day, do you find your dog….

a.) Sleeping peacefully, dreaming of sugar plumb fairies in their incredibly special, soft, fluffy, warm, bed that you spent lots of money on? If so, you may have a perfect pooch!

b.) Proudly dancing around in the middle of the room with tail wagging and delight after having perfected an Olympic shred fest of that special, soft, fluffy, warm, bed that you spent lots of money on? If so, your pup may need some behavior training! Check out our Blog tips: 10 – Basic Dog Training Tips

2. Holidays are a time for celebration! When you host a holiday event in your home, do you find your dog….

a.) Greeting the guest with sweet kisses and tail wagging excitement then going on their way to a quiet place to hang out or sleep? If so, you may have a perfect pet host!

b.) Upon greeting your guest, your over excited pooch turns into a Tasmanian devil, running through the house trampling anyone that gets in the way in hopes that something will end up on the floor for a delicious feast! If so, check out our Blog: Preparing Your Pet for the Excitement of the Holidays

3. During your holiday dinner, do you find your sweet furry friend…

a.) Waiting patiently for you to put an incredibly special dinner treat in his bowl? Making sure to only feed foods that Fido can feast on safely! Check out our Blog: Foods Fido Can Feast on at Thanksgiving.

b.) Or… does your pooch sneak into the kitchen and help himself to anything within reach? If so, check out our blog to make sure your pup doesn’t get into anything that can make him sick: Poisonous Plants and Toxic Foods for Dogs.

4. After all the toys and goodies arrive for the family during your holiday celebration, do you find your dog….

a.) Sleeping quietly under the tree waiting patiently for their special stocking full of treats and toys? See our Blog: The Best Stocking Stuffers for Your Dog at Christmas!

b.) Or… Do you awaken to find your special fur baby having his very own celebration with his game on agenda fully engaged in the massive destruction of every gift and goodie within reach? If so, your pup may need to take advantage of some healthy zoomies the night before! See our Blog: Your Dog Will Love Zoomies - And Here’s Why!

5.  Finally, the holidays are winding down and the family has opened all the presents...

a.) Does your special doggy enjoy his special Snugarooz Toys from Health Extension and play for hours on end in sheer delight?

b.) Or… Does your sweet furry friend ditch his new toys and make a dash over to shred the piles of wrapping paper and steal the kids toys to play with or destroy? You may need to introduce your fur baby to some basic training skills. See our Blog: 5 - Basic Dog Training Commands for next year!


No matter what kind of pup you have - naughty or nice - one thing is for sure: they are a part of the family! Show them some extra love during the holidays by taking them for long walks in the park or giving them their favorite treats. Always provide them with a healthy Holistic Health Extension Diet, and don't forget to add them to your holiday shopping list as well (they deserve something special too!).  So, let's raise a glass (or bowl) for our furry friends this holiday season! Cheers! 🐶 🎄🎁☃️❤️

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