3 Generations In The Making

The Best Pet Food, 3 Generations In The Making

Holistic Health Extension

Holistic Health Extension® has over three generations of family expertise and love packed into every single bite. Beginning in 1963, the family goal was to develop a nutritious, delicious pet food with a wide variety of recipes that their furry friends would adore. By 2015, the brand authentically grew into the now, very popular, Holistic Heath Extension®  Brand.

A human grade pioneered product and proudly manufactured right here in the USA. We offer a variety of holistic, nourishing recipes with wholesome grains and grain free options that pet parents feel good about. Holistic Health Extension® is a super-premium brand with real meat as the first ingredient in the dry recipes. An all-natural, complete and balanced diet is perfect for all life stages that both dogs and cats love.   

Starting with holistic ingredients, high quality protein and whole fruits and vegetables grown on American farms, Health Extension® also adds a unique blend of beneficial superfoods like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, colostrum ginger, natural probiotics, and pure coconut oil for a holistically nutritious meal not found in any other pet food product. All ingredients are locally sourced, within the USA, with the exception of lamb and venison that come from USDA-inspected farms located in New Zealand.

Pet parents are delighted when they learn that we never use rendered animal fats, by-products, artificial colors or flavors, and no added sugars. We also care enough not to use any GMO ingredients and never any corn, wheat, or soy in our products. And that is how we deliver the highest quality, tastiest pet food products your pets flourish on. In addition to Health Extension®  dry dog food and dry cat food products, we offer a variety of wet canned food products, treats, toys, spa care, and vitamin and supplements. All the things you need to help them thrive, well in their golden years!

Healthy and nutritious dog treats are essential for your dog’s health and happiness. Our diverse collection includes Dental Bones, Biscuits and Crunchy Treats, Natural Chews, Freeze-Dried Raw, and Training Treats. Making several options to fit your dog’s special individual needs, we like to let our furry friends choose their favorites!    

Health Extension® supports a healthy lifestyle of exercise and playtime fun for pets. With our one stop shop for all your pet’s playtime needs our Snugarooz toys are an innovative, interactive and durable collection of dog and cat toys that come in a wide variety of sizes and play time favorites. Every single toy in the collection has been designed to epitomize their mission: "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™".

Extending the Health Extension® product lines to include Spa Care, was a natural addition. The newly developed ARI Probiotic Shampoo and Conditioners fit the niche perfectly. The ARI collection provides innovative probiotic spa solutions for dogs that actually defend against environmental damage and inflammation. Enriched with essential oils to provide healthy skin and coat and delightful aromas, to help pups stay clean and smelling fresh.

Health Extension® has more innovations! Vitamin and supplements for dogs are gaining in popularity so naturally we created Lifetime Multi-Vitamins to provide dogs with added nutrients to support them throughout their lifetime. A continued effort to identify areas of concern for our fur babies resulted in Energy + Stress Relief Supplements, Skin + Coat Oil, Hip + Joint Mobility Supplement powder, and our latest favorite, Belly+ Immunity Digestive Probiotics, which is quickly becoming a favorite with our pet parents.  

Cleaning and potty training for dogs can be daunting. Health Extension® took on this challenge without delay developing the best stain and odor solution called Eliminate™. It’s 100% natural and safe for the home and pets and it smells great! Additional solutions include Housebreaking Aid to teach pup where to go potty, Problem Chewers a great product for teaching pups what not to chew, and Pet Deterrent to keep pup out of areas that may get them into trouble.  All in all, Health Extension® has thought of everything for your pets cleaning and Potty-training needs.

And that’s not all… Health Extension® Dog Food is part of the American Canine Association, Pet Sustainability Coalition, and a recipient of the Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards year after year. Health Extension® is approved by AAFCO, (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and has never had a recall.

Health Extension® believes our pets and your pets deserve the very best nutrition and we stand behind every tasty, nutritious bite! Not only do we care about making tasty food for our furry friends, but we use recycled packaging and upcycled ingredients. Keeping the planet healthy provides a healthier more nutrient dense ingredients and a healthier environment for our pets to live in!

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