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The Importance of Daily Vitamins and Supplements for Your Pet

The Importance of Daily Vitamins and Supplements for Your Pet

Laying a foundation for a healthier, more vitalized life for your dog

Here is the good news: if you are feeding your dog Health Extension products, then you are already giving your dog the best, most optimally-formulated dog food that there is. Just like humans, having a wholesome diet consisting of all-natural, whole-food ingredients is the best way to support optimum digestion and absorption of nutrients for a holistic, comprehensive diet.

And just like humans, there are ways to supplement your nutritional intake with vitamins and minerals for ideal supplementation beyond what can be offered through food alone – or when your dog’s unique needs demand more targeted vitamins in their daily intake.

That’s why at Health Extension, we spent years formulating the best vitamins and supplements for your dog using proven research and the most bio-available ingredients on the planet. What does “bio-availability” mean? It’s akin to solubility – meaning the nutrients in the supplements we infuse into Health Extension vitamin and mineral products are determined to have the highest likelihood of absorption through your dog’s digestive system.

Did you know that some synthetic ingredients (and even some natural ingredients) can be rejected by the body’s own gastrointestinal track? This is one of the reasons many people have adopted a “gluten-free” lifestyle. And just like gluten for humans, there are ingredients that are less “soluble” to dogs, too! In addition, some dog breeds have a higher likelihood of nutrient “rejection”, so supplementation is the number one way to ensure your pet is getting the daily nutrients they need for a long, healthy life.

But more importantly than that, our vitamins are made in an FDA-Approved Human-Grade facility – meaning we’re giving your pet the exact same quality vitamins you’d find on the shelf for yourself. And the ingredients we use are proven to be the most bio-available option for dogs. And while we don’t like to brag, we’re proud of the commitment we’ve put into our products when compared to similar dog food and supplement brands, many of which use synthetic ingredients and sub-standard ingredients in their vitamin-infused products. For an in-depth look at our “All-Natural” pledge, visit:

Most of all, certain breeds do require (or deserve!) preventative care to help keep breed-specific issues at bay. This includes predispositions related to joint health, allergies, skin issues and more. As most pet parents would agree, the best care you can give your dog is that which prevents issues from occurring altogether. There is no better way to do this than to be educated on your breed’s specific needs!

Here are some details on our range of dog vitamins and minerals which make Health Extension products stand out from the rest!

Lifetime Multi-Vitamin

Daily nutrient support

Our essential daily multi-vitamin is the most comprehensive supplement you can give your dog for optimal nutrition, every day! Formulated with a precise ratio of daily nutrients determined optimal for most dog breeds, our Lifetime Multi-Vitamin is the perfect companion to our range of Health Extension food. Our latest formulation now includes Colostrum, Blue Green Algae & Probiotics, too! For the full ingredient listing and daily percentages, visit:

To purchase a 30-day, 60-day or 6-month supply, visit: And don’t forget you can subscribe to our auto-replenishment program so that when you run out, you don’t have to stress over re-ordering! And remember, doing this will save you 20% on your first auto-replenishment order, and then 5% on all orders thereafter!

Joint Mobility

Promotes healthy joint function

For all size dogs (yes, small dogs too!), joint mobility can be one of the most common issues that affects their overall quality of life. Formulated with a blend of FDA-inspected, all-natural ingredients and super supplements, our Joint Mobility daily additive is excellent at maintaining optimal functioning of the joints by providing proven super-ingredients such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. These building-blocks help keep joint deterioration at bay while maintaining functional mobility for you dog.

This supplement is taken daily with food and comes in 8-oz. and 16-oz tubs. The daily serving size will vary based on your dog’s weight. To order our Joint Mobility supplement, visit: And remember, you can save 20% on your first auto-replenishment order, and then 5% on all orders thereafter, when you subscribe to our automated delivery program!

Skin and Coat

Supports healthy skin and a vibrant coat

Whether your dog suffers from allergens, has overly sensitive skin, or develops skin and coat issues with the changing of the seasons, they can benefit from our Skin and Coat daily dietary supplement, which features a unique blend of vitamins and oils to replenish your dog’s skin and coat with rich, moisturizing nutrients.

Our proprietary blend features Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which are essential for supporting supple skin and a glossy coat. Those ingredients are evidenced in the inclusion of essential vitamins, Primrose Oil, Fish Oil and Choline. This Skin and Coat formula delivers a dynamic blend of premium, hydrating nutrients in every drop! Used once daily, this formula will have your pet’s skin and coat shiny, hydrated and itch-free! In fact, a pump or two over food every day helps prevent dryness and itching while reducing shedding by up to 70%.

The Skin and Coat supplement comes in either a 16 fl. Oz or 32 fl. Oz bottle. To order your pet this skin-saving solution, visit: Take advantage of 20% savings when you choose to subscribe to our auto-replenishment program. Enjoy 5% on all replenishments offers thereafter!

Stress Relief

“Your solution to Puppy Stress Syndrome!”

If your dog or puppy is prone to sensitivity, frightened easily or suffers with bouts of lethargy or a low appetite, then our Stress Relief supplement is the ideal solution to get them back to feeling like their spunky self! Featuring a delicious blend of ingredients, such as natural malt, energizing vitamins, organic apple cider vinegar and ginger – to name a few – this daily meal supplement will change your dog’s relationship with stress!

Our Stress Relief supplement is also an excellent solution for dogs and puppies who need to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. Just a half-teaspoon in the morning and at night will keep them alert, energized and excited.

We love using this dietary supplement when we know environmental changes may affect our dog’s mood, such as travelling, temperature changes, weaning and so much more that can throw off their emotional health. Each vitamin-B enriched drop will help improve your dog’s energy and metabolism, while the flavor is the perfect solution for picky eaters!

Our Stress Relief supplement comes in 4 fl. Oz or 16 fl. Oz bottles. You can save 20% on your first purchase when you sign up for our auto-replenishment plan, and then save 5% on all successive orders thereafter! If you’d like to order our Stress Relief daily dietary supplement today, visit:

What else? Our vitamins and supplements come with the same comprehensive guarantee that we offer on all of our Health Extension products, including:

  • We start with thoughtfully selected ingredients, none of which are China-sourced.
  • We never use artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • We source only GMO Free ingredients.
  • We never use wheat, gluten, corn, soy or by-products.
  • We prepare every bag in small batches.
  • We continually improve our food safety programs, testing every single batch.
  • We make our products in the USA.

To read about our promise, and our pledge, visit:

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