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Should Dogs Take Daily Multi-Vitamins?

Should Dogs Take Daily Multi-Vitamins?

It’s the start of another new year, and while you may have already made your own resolutions to lose weight or cut out bad habits, it’s a great time to consider healthy adjustments for your pet, too! And one of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to improve your dog’s holistic health, and promote optimal vitality, is by offering them a daily multi-vitamin!

Dogs, like humans, can benefit tremendously through taking a vitamin daily. Packed with essential nutrients, daily multi-vitamins for dogs are an optimal way to ensure your pet is getting the fundamentals they need for a holistic lifestyle. Additionally, daily multi-vitamins support a whole range of health benefits, from boosting the immune system to improving brain functioning, digestion and so much more!

So, where can you find a daily multi-vitamin for dogs? Most likely, you’re not going to find what you’re looking for at the local health food store or vitamin shop. And actually, there aren’t a whole lot of great – or trustworthy – options when you search online, either. That’s why Health Extension set out to create the best daily multi-vitamin for dogs!

What’s in our multi-vitamins for dogs?

After years of research and sourcing the very best human-grade ingredients, Health Extension created the most comprehensive ”one a day” for dogs: Our Lifetime Multi-Vitamins!

Our Lifetime Multi-Vitamins contain a comprehensive proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, including Colostrum, Spirulina, Lecithin, Linoleic Acid, and Probiotics – just to name a few! And like all Health Extension products, this multi-vitamin is made in the USA in small batches with sustainably derived ingredients – traceable to the source! You can check out where we procure our ingredients from by visiting our sustainability map!


When taken once daily, our Lifetime Multi-Vitamin gives your pet all the nutritional support they need to stay “healthy for a lifetime.” The immune-boosting power of our proprietary blend also helps keep the doctor at bay. And pets just love these beef and cheddar-flavored vitamins, which taste more like a treat than anything else – yum!

And the other amazing thing about our daily multi-vitamins for dogs is that they are formulated for puppies AND dogs so you can start your pet on these lifetime vitamins from the first day they arrive home. Now that’s preventative aging in action!

Benefits of Multi-Vitamins for Dogs

You may still be asking yourself, “Why does my dog need to take a supplement? Don’t they just get enough from their food?” Believe it or not – no, not always! Although animals generally get most of their daily intake of vitamins and minerals at mealtime, it’s not always enough to fulfill everything required to function optimally and support the fight against disease. And when your pet doesn’t receive enough of the daily recommend amount of nutrients from their food, supplements can help fill in the gaps.

Still asking yourself “Why?” Don’t worry, were going to break it down a little further! In some cases, even if your pet does receive the recommend serving of vitamins and minerals, they may not be absorbing them. This is known as “bioavailability”. This means that the digestive tract does not absorb 100% of the nutrient value. This can be true of all animals. Our Lifetime Multi-Vitamins are  designed with the most bioavailable (easily absorbed) vitamins and minerals, so you can feel confident your pet is getting the maximum value from their daily multi-vitamin.

Health Extension’s one a day tabs are formulated with chelated vitamins and minerals to replenish and support your pet without overloading their system with unnecessary fillers while maximizing absorption. When taken as recommended, as part of a holistic healthcare routine, our Lifetime Multi-Vitamin helps boost the immune system helping ward off common diseases, such as heart disease, inflammation, cancer, osteoarthritis and diabetes and aids in digestion.

Did you know that the majority of the body’s fight against ailments is done in the digestive system? And as far as a healthy stomach goes, our daily multi-vitamins contain live cultured probiotics to support an optimized intestinal microbiome. Keeping the digestive track in a state of homeostasis is among the best ways to promote overall health for your pet since so much of their holistic health starts here. Maintaining your dog’s gut microbiome, or flora, helps prevent things like nausea, diarrhea, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). If their digestive system is poorly functioning, it can also contribute to inflammation, pain, lethargy, and brain fog – so restoring and maintaining your dog’s gut health is a critical component to overall wellbeing. Ultimately, a flourishing flora in the belly is capable of absorbing the full nutrient value of the food your dog eats and the vitamins they take!

Equally as important is their brain health. Taking a daily multi-vitamin lends support to your pet’s cognitive function. When paired with regular exercise, stimulation, play and a lot of TLC, your dog can enjoy aging gracefully with health and vitality – for years to come!

How else can I improve my pet’s health?

Taking a daily multi-vitamin is just one way to improve your pet’s health on a daily basis. You can further their years by feeding your pet a holistic diet rich with whole-food ingredient pet food engineered for optimal health and performance!

As pet parents, we would do anything to extend the healthy years that we have with our pets. That’s why our food, treats and daily multi-vitamins are developed with the best human-grade, whole-food ingredients available to promote the healthiest version of your pet. Maintaining optimal health for your pet through the foods they eat and the vitamins they take will help prevent disease and deterioration for longer, stronger years together.

At Health Extension, we’re passionate about creating pet food products that support this vision for optimal health and vitality. Diet really is the essential component to overall wellness and feeding your pet the right food can make all the difference in the world. To shop our wide range of grain-inclusive, grain-free, non-GMO, sustainably sourced pet foods, visit our shop!


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