Theresa's Country Feed & Pet - A Trusted Partner of Health Extension

Theresa's Country Feed & Pet - A Trusted Partner of Health Extension

Learn About Theresa’s Country Feed & Pet

Theresa's Country Feed & Pet, located in the heart of Oregon, isn’t your standard pet supply store. A family-owned business that’s been a one-stop-shop for pet owners seeking quality products and services for years. Discover the mission of this community-oriented retailer and how they collaborate with Health Extension to provide the best for your pets.

Products & Services Available at Theresa’s:

  • Pet Food & Supplies: Offering a variety of brands exceeding 30,000 unique items. including Health Extension, to ensure pets receive the nutrition they need.
  • Grooming Services: Professional grooming for all pet types. And even free nail trimmings!
  • Pet Training: In-store training sessions to help your pets become well-behaved members of your family.
  • Community Events: Regularly hosts educational community events, and supports rescues by holding adoption events too!

Why Shop at Theresa’s?

  • Offer high-quality budget friendly products and services that promote pet well-being. 
  • Provide pet parents with exceptional customer service offering expert advice on product selection, tailored solutions for your pet’s need, or clarify inquiries about their extensive offerings. Staff is required to undergo 12 weeks of  training ensuring they are equipped to help as many pet parents as possible!
  • Create a community of responsible and educated pet owners.
  • Foster a culture where pets are treated as family members.

Collaborative Efforts:

  • Product Availability: Ensuring Health Extension products are always in stock.
  • Educational Programs: Co-hosting events to educate pet owners on nutrition and pet care.
  • Exclusive Offers: Providing special discounts and promotions on Health Extension products for Theresa's Country Feed & Pet customers.

From premium pet food to pet grooming, Theresa's Country Feed & Pet provides a wide range of services designed to meet every pet owner's needs. This company aims to be more than a retail store; it wants to be a part of your pet's life journey. Their mission is to be a cornerstone in the Oregon pet community, offering high-quality products and services. Their values align closely with those of Health Extension, making our partnership a natural fit. Together, we aim to improve the lives of pets and their owners. 

Visit Theresa's Country Feed & Pet to experience their services firsthand and benefit from our collaborative efforts to serve you better.

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