"Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™" Weather your pet is a puppy or a kitten, a seasoned senior or somewhere in between, they will adore Snugarooz for playtime and bonding with their humans! Our mission is simple, provide our furry friends with an exclusive innovative collection of Snugarooz, toys that are perfect to snuggle, cuddle and play with! Every single toy in the collection has been designed to epitomize this mission. Snugarooz makes dog and cat toys with the safety of pets in mind. Made from durable materials that are free of harmful chemicals. In addition, Health Extension® carefully inspects each toy to ensure that it meets their lofty standards for quality and safety. As a result, pet parents can rest assured that their furry friends are playing with safe, high-quality toys. Snugarooz Plush toys are made with a soft, plush fabric that's ready for cozy cuddling, and hours of playful adventure. Plush toys are designed to squeak or crinkle as they soak up the attention and love from your fur baby. Snugarooz plush toys are available in the perfect sizes for your special loved one. From the most delicate puppy or kitten to the heartiest, large breed lovers we have toys for everyone. Snugarooz knotted Ropes and Tugs are made of durable cotton sturdy enough to resist the pulling action of a good game of tug-of-war with your best buddy. Some favorites include Spikey Beast Rope which has a fun spiky rubber ball attached creates the perfect 2-in-1 toy for both tug-of-war and fetch games. When your pup wins the game, they will love to spend some reward time chewing on the spiky rubber ball! Little guys love to play tug too! Snugarooz has Lil Baby Rope toys for your small breed and miniature pups too! If fetch is more your dog’s style, no worries… Snugarooz has many options for this fun game. Mini Fling ‘N Fun ball and rope toy has an extra-durable design that can handle even the most energetic canines. Our eco-friendly toys are the perfect size for your little pups dainty chewing action and fetch play games. Snuggle Ball and Sky Bounce Ballz are designed for your smaller doggy to chase around, chew, and tug on. Enthusiastic chewers will enjoy the Feel’N Spikey for those mega pups or Pea Podz for the more petite pups. Both great options for teething and dental health. We did not forget about our feline friends! Kitties need play too. Snugarooz has a lovely variety of perfectly sized cat toys tucked with catnip to ensure your beloved kitty enjoys hours of fun. Kitty Momma with Catnip is a favorite and will delight your kitty, turning any mature cat into a playful kitten for hours! No matter what your pet's play style, there is a Snugarooz toy that is perfect for them. So go ahead and indulge your furry friend with a little “Snuggle. Cuddle. Play.™” fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Snugarooz

How do I clean my Snugarooz? Simply wipe with a clean cloth to get the major debris off, they you can hand wash in warm soapy water or in most cases the dishwasher is a great way to get them clean.

Are Snugarooz safe for my puppy? Yes. Snugarooz are eco-friendly, made from durable materials free from harmful chemicals and carefully inspected to ensure they are safe for your fur baby.

Does Snugarooz have kitty toys? Yes. Snugarooz has a delightful collection for kitty, including catnip for your furry friends endless fascination.