Health Extension® is here to support your dog’s daily nutritional needs along with those canines that have special needs. Prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy, happy, long life. So, fear not! Health Extension® provides an elite line of Dog Supplements to support your best friends’ needs. Start with our one a day Multi + Lifetime Vitamins dog supplements with newly added Colostrum, Blue Green Algae & Probiotics along with the
essential vitamins and minerals that ensure you dog has everything necessary for healthy growth and development throughout their lifetime. Dog’s experience stressful situations just like their humans. From moving to a new home, traveling, extreme temperatures, weaning, worming and much more. Your pup will benefit from Energy + Stress Relief Supplement drops. Added benefits include increased resistance to low blood sugar, improved energy metabolism, and stimulates the appetite of those fussy eaters when added to their food. Protect your pet’s skin and coat with Skin + Coat Primrose Oil dog supplements. Rich with healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to help prevent itching and support a rich glossy coat. Simply add a few drops to their food and see the difference it makes! To keep your pups’ hips and joints mobile throughout their years, you will find Hip + Joint Mobility. made from wholesome FDA-inspected ingredients. Simply add a scoop to their diet daily, no pills, no fuss and dog’s love the taste. New to the dog supplement group is the Belly + Immunity Digestive Probiotics. In addition to the healthy probiotics this product contains five strains of enzymes to help sensitive bellies breakdown and easily absorb nutrients. Just a scoop a day in their meal and you are done, and pup is happy!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Supplements

Do dogs need vitamins and supplements? Our dogs are special companions with many needs. We always recommend consulting your vet before you start giving your dog supplements. Most premium pet foods meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO nutrient profiles for maintenance to cover everything that is needed for canine health. However, some pets may need additional support, from a daily multivitamin to Hip and Joint supplements, Digestive Immunity support, even stress relief and skin and coat remedies. At Health Extension, you will find all the dog supplements your furry friend will need for a happy healthy life.

What are the best supplements for dogs? The best dog supplements are those that your vet recommends specifically for your individual canine’s needs. Supplements supporting Hips and Joints, Skin and Coat, Immunity and Digestive and of course Stress Relief, may add additional support for your pup’s comfort and overall wellness. Discuss your dog’s diet and lifestyle habits with your vet and ask about our Health Extension® dog supplement options.

What supplements do vets recommend? Vets recommend dog supplements when needed. For instance, glucosamine and chondroitin for dogs with hip and joint problems, probiotics for dogs with digestive issues and omega fatty acids for those with skin and coat issues. Your vet will likely look at your dog’s health history, breed, age, diet, and activity level before recommending a specific canine supplement.

Do dog vitamins expire? All vitamins and supplement expire at some point. You will often find an expiration date on your dog supplements and vitamin packages just like you would on a package of dog food. Expired products lack full potency and may potentially cause dietary upset. It is always best to discard and replace any expired or rancid canine products to ensure your pets safety.