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Gently Cooked

These small batch, complete and balanced recipes for all life stages include a unique blend of superfoods to boost immunity such as goji berry, sage, thyme, kelp, and turmeric. Featuring three recipes and three convenient sizes: Beef & Potato, Chicken & Pumpkin, Lamb & Carrot; available in 9 oz. pouches, 5 pack, and 10 pack.

Air-Dried Complete

With up to 85% protein from animal sources, and over 30+ superfoods such as organic apple cider vinegar, colostrum, and lion's mane mushrooms, these small batch, complete recipes are a cost effective + convenient alternative to homemade or raw dog food. Featuring three recipes in two pound bags: Beef, Chicken, and Grain-Free Salmon.


To boost immunity, improve skin & coat,

strength joints, and support digestive health

Discover Health Extension’s Gently Cooked recipes

Introducing Gently Cooked and Gently Air Dried dog food – the ultimate superfood-packed meals for your furry friend.

Gently Cooked: These recipes are like a secret weapon for your dog's immunity. We've blended powerful superfoods like goji berry, sage, thyme, kelp, turmeric, and coconut oil into every bite. Our top-notch ingredients include fresh lamb, beef, or chicken, along with whole veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. And here's the best part: it's never frozen and always ready to serve in your dog's bowl. Perfect for dogs of all ages!

Gently Air Dried: Think of it as a super-convenient and budget-friendly alternative to making homemade meals or dealing with frozen or freeze-dried raw food. Our small-batch recipes are loaded with up to 85% protein from high-quality animal sources, along with over 30 superfoods to amp up your dog's immunity. We start with fresh, human-grade ingredients like chicken, beef, or salmon, and add nutrient-packed veggies like pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Suitable for all life stages.

Give your pup the power of superfoods with Gently Cooked and Gently Air Dried dog food – because your dog deserves the best!






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