We extract the most potent ingredients from nature, each targeting a specific aspect of your pet’s health for optimal wellbeing and longevity. Boost your pet’s health with improved digestion, hydrated skin & coat, superior immunity, strong bones & joint, and healthy heart.

More than 30 Superfoods

Check the Source of all our Ingredients

Fresh, Whole Foods

From organic deboned chicken, to turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, various berries, green leafy vegetables like spinach and parsley, we use the most wholesome, nutritious, fresh, whole food ingredients we can source locally.

We Leave Out

We use the highest quality ingredients and leave out fillers. That means No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives. No GMOs. No ingredients from China. No soy corn wheat or animal byproducts. And No Hormone and antibiotic free chicken meat and fish.

Staying close to the source

We source most of our ingredients from the United States. A few ingredients are from around the world, like lamb from New Zealand or duck from France. Ensuring we’ve chosen the finest possible ingredients for your pets food is not something we are willing to compromise.