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Health Extension Longevity Drops

Stimulates the appetite of any picky puppy and aids in the prevention of hypoglycemia. All natural and made in the USA for a healthy life!

Feeding Instructions: Take orally. Shake well. 1/2 teaspoon in the morning and at night.

Joint Mobility Supplement

All-natural joint support for dogs. Relieves stiff & sore joints, encourages growth and repair of tendons, cartilage and tissue and promotes collagen formation.

Available In: 8oz & 1 lb. containers

Lifetime Vitamins Dog & Puppy Vitamins

It is important to get all the nutrients your body needs through a healthy diet and by taking a multi-vitamin, and it is just as essential for your dog. These essential vitamins and minerals will help ensure good health as your puppy grows. Now with Colostrum, Blue Green Algae & Probiotics!


Puppies One Tablet per Day
Adult Dogs Under 10lbs 1/2 Tablet per Day
Adult Dogs 10lbs+ One Tablet per Day

Available In: 30 ct., 60ct. & 180ct. bottles

Skin & Coat Conditioner Supplement

Will reduce shedding up to 70%! Supplies essential nutrients to maintain top coat condition, healthy skin, and other bodily functions. Prevents scratching, flaky skin and rough coat. Useful in fat metabolism & energy production.

Available In: 16 oz. & 32 oz. bottles.