On your first subscription order, you will receive a 10% discount, all future re-occurring orders will also receive a 10% discount. The first order will be processed and charged immediately. The subscription will automatically generate orders based on your chosen frequency until you cancel. 

You must fulfill a minimum of 2 orders on the subscription before cancellation. If canceled after the first subscription, you may be subject to reimburse us for the 10% discount. If you’d like to cancel an order, we must be notified before 12:00 PM EST on the day the order generates. You will be notified via email 5 days before your upcoming order. This will allow time for you to make any changes or updates to your subscription.

You can manage your subscriptions by logging into your account and going to this page: https://shop.healthextension.com/tools/checkout/api/manage/subscription/app 

On the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ page, you will be able to change the frequency, order date, update your address, payment information, swap products, update the quantity of a product, view subscription history, pause the subscription, and cancel the subscription. If you did not meet the 2-order minimum, the cancellation will not be an option. To add products, or if you need any
assistance with making changes to your subscription, please contact us
at info@healthextension.com and we will be happy to help!

If an order has shipped and you did not want the order, you will need to refuse the order upon delivery so it will return to us or contact us to request a return label. Once the product has been returned to us, we will issue a refund.